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Lumenis’s New IPL Machines: M22 OPT and LightSheer Duet

Lumenis’s New IPL Machines: M22 OPT and LightSheer Duet
Lumenis, the company that has invented the renowned IPL machine, has just released their two groundbreaking technologies:M22 Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) and LightSheer Duet machines. I was at Lumenis’s media launch last Wednesday to find out more about their latest technologies for aesthetic solutions.
Lumenis, means “light of the world” in Latin, is a global leader in medical and aesthetic lasers and light-based technologies, who first invented IPL (intense pulse light) machines that would have solve some of the common aesthetic problems. Today, they have invented more effective and powerful IPL machines which promise less treatment time and produce greater efficacy.
This machine over here can help stimulate the production of collagen which is vital for  beautiful and supple skin!
This patented hair removal technology, LightSheer Duet, promises fast and painless session. It uses vacuum assist technology to gently pull and stretch the skin before applying the laser energy. As such, the hair follicales are now pulled closer to the surface, allowing for even better and smoother extraction.  Also, no numbing gel is needed as there’s no room for pain when the brain is confuse between the sensation caused by the pulling of the skin and the pain inflicted during hair extraction.
Some of the functions of the M22 OPT machine is to treat pigmentation, freckles, age spots (lentigines), melasma and hyperpigmentation (dark spots).This machine is more precise in function as it is able to produce light pulses that penetrate skin tissues and create controlled destructions to the skin imperfections, while leaving the surrounding healthy skin and vessels unaffected. Due to its effectiveness, the treatment time has also been reduced to just 10 to 30 minutes. In addition,  the patients are free to use cosmetic immediately after the treatment!
Empowered with Sapphire Cool technology, this machine can also cools the skin, making it more comfortable and less painful for the patient.
Dr.Wong, the dermatologist who owns Assurance Skin, Laser and Aesthetics at Mouth Elizabeth Novena, was also present at the media launch to talk about M22 OPT machine.Renowned dermatologist, Dr. Joyce Lim, was also there to introduce the LightSheet Duet to the press.
Some canapes served during the media launch at the Penthouse.
Visit Lumenis Website for more information.

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