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Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013: How to Put an End to a Series of Misfortune Events

Memories of what happened at the start of this year begin to flood back as I reflect about how I’ve spent my 2012 on this round, but not-so-round earth which scientists have speculated that it would all species would be wiped out very soon. So I’m still rather thankful for being able to look forward to another year in the 21st century despite the series of unfortunate events I’ve experienced this year.

Where should I even begin? I thought maybe it was just pure bad luck that this year is the year of my zodiac sign. That’s if you believed in Chinese Astrology. But perhaps, it wasn’t that terrible but it makes me cringe a little as I looked back. But the unhappiness and disappointments were offset by the amazing opportunities I received this year and the love showered by the awesome people around me. For that, I’m really thankful.

Thinking that 2012 was a horrid year for you too as you stared into your Facebook wall which looked barren as compared to the others which had happy faces all over? Envy others who owned an iPhone 5 with the sole function to tweet and Facebook about their pretty red velvet cupcakes and egg Benedicts for brunch? Don’t fret about it. As an Official blogger for the Marine Bay Singapore Countdown 2013, I ‘m going to show how you could put an end to the series of misfortunes and start your new year with blazing fireworks. You are never going to feel like a plastic bag, like how Katy Perry felt.In the remaining 31 days, count your blessings as you wave goodbye to 2012 and embrace 2013 with open arms and a big smile.

How to put an end to a series of unfortunate events in 5 Steps

1. Pen your wishes for 2013 on the Wishing Spheres
Head down to the wishing stations conveniently located in public libraries and shopping malls and look out for the dark fairies dressed in black. The dark fairies will hand you their magic wands which also doubles up as a pen. Say a little quick prayer and write down how you wish you could get wealthier,taller,slimmer,fairer and prettier. Make sure it’s written in CAPS and declare boldly to the universe that you want a change. I will write mine in glitter. Don’t forget to say hi at the wishing station if you see someone with glitter-coated hands!
Sadly, you might not have the chance to toss your own wishing sphere into Singapore River. But not to worry, I will be bringing you live coverage on how these spheres are going to get disperse across the river. 
Photo by William Cho, Source:

30 November to 16 December 2012
From 10 am to 10pm
2. Send a wish card to people who have made your life miserable in 2012

On your wish card, pen down how happy you are that 2012 is coming to an end and how you are looking forward to 2013. Describe every single wish of yours in great detail because this time, these people are going to take a back seat as they watch you prosper in the upcoming years ahead. Once you hit the “send” button, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and tweet about it to spread your joy and optimism in saying that it’s OKAY to experience life in the gutters because we will all emerge stronger and tougher. Life is nothing but a hunger game. Stay calm and you’ll win the war.
Be gracious and forgiving, no nasty words allowed.
Marinabay Countdown Website
3. Dance the night away before midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve

Let your hair down and party the night away with people who could make you laugh and smile all day before the hour-hand strikes 12. You could choose to dance with the neon-lighted kites whizzing past you or be enthralled by the musical performances by local artists. Energize yourself with some drinks and snacks at Down Bites@MBLM as you will need the energy to tweet frantically about your New Year resolutions.
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Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade 
31 Dec 2012, Mon, 10pm – 1am, Free admission
Esplanade Concourse/ Outdoor Theatre 
14-31 Dec 2012, various timings
The Promontory
31 Dec 2012,10pm -1am
Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade 
31 Dec 2012, Mon, 5pm–2am
The Float @ Marina Bay 
31 Dec 2012, Mon, 7.30pm–3am

4. Take a photo which encapsulates the best moments at Marina Bay and send it for a photo competition to win OSIM’s uSoffa, uPapa,uPixie,uPhoria…Well, it’s all about u.

Take a photograph of the beautiful Marina Bay Skyline or fireworks display and then kiss Year 2012 goodbye. It will be the most beautiful renmants of memories in 2012. But before you let go of the photograph to flutter away, don’t forget to send it for a photo competition to win some gadgets for your physical well-being. Even if all things didn’t turn out well next year, at least you’ve got a uSoffa or uPhoria to turn to for comfort. These are the little things in life which will melt away your stress and frustrations.

First Prize : OSIM uSoffa Runway ( Worth $3,088)

Photo Credit:

For more details, visit the following website:

5. Countdown to 2013 with the whole nation and keep a lookout for a shooting star

Wallowing in self-pity in the comfort of your home is not going to put an end to your sorrows and misfortunes. Instead, dress to your nines, hop on the train and walked over to Marina Bay to experience the magical moment when the sky explodes with such vibrancy, and with brilliant colourful sparks spewing in all directions. Oh, and remember to keep a watch for that shooting star which will appear in the midst of the great firework. And when it appears at that critical moment, clasps both hands together and make that your one and only wish for 2013.
Only one wish.

You’re the Lemony Snicket to pen down how you want your story to be.

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