Massive BBQ Chalet Party Night – Let’s Do Salsa

National Service and Resort Country Club at Changi. House No. 22. Today and tomorrow.

A short get-away from the hustle and bustle
Well tuck-in beds with clean linen.
A no-brainer and ice-breaker game for all ages.
We’re all afraid of bowling our life away in the gutters.
They are sparkly, round and shiny. Striking pints with them ain’t easy.
Water’s still the best thirst quencher.
The icy-cold refreshing jelly is perfect for such a hot day.
And the bill came. With boxes after boxes of raw meat.
Huat ah! ( Prosper!)
Salsa dip for Nachos.
Help yourself to some Philadelphia cream cheese and slices of smoked trout.
A bottle of beer in one hand, a pair of metal tongs in the other. There’s quite abit of work for the men to do, at the pit.  

Food is heated right up at the back kitchen. The usual BBQ food – fried rice and beehoon (vermicelli). More to come.
I love to watch it freezes.What refreshing tip to make the beer look more enticing!
Grab a bottle/can opener. Because it’s party time.
Christmas logcakes from our dedicated tutors who could withstand our chatters and understood our class humour.
Not one but two cakes. That’s doube the joy, double the fun and double the sweetness. (double the calories)
A year older, a year wiser. Age gracefully every year.
Gifts for the rabbits living in his cage.What’s our carrot to motivate us in life?
Singin’ “Count on me, like 1,23…”

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