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My Little Paris – The Best Kept Parisian Secrets

My Little Paris – The Best Kept Parisian Secrets

After a semester of lectures and tutorials, I learnt the important of reading and how it will influences your way of thinking and writing. So as a firm of believer that books do light up anyone’s soul, I advocate that a deeniseglitz’s reader should also be armed with a book in one hand and a pen in another. Not forgetting, a cup of capuccino or hot chocolate, within your reach, on the coffee table.

To entice you further with the notion of reading with style, I am going to recommend you this guidebook which you have engross and with eyes glued to writings and illustrations of this book I found at the travel section in the library. The title is probably pretty explicit enough to indicate that this book would probably attract feminine francophiles but before you close this window/tab thinking “this isn’t my sort of book”, please allow me to explain why every women should read it even if you’re not packing your bags very soon for Paris.

1. This is the best book to flaunt on trains, buses and planes or at the beach.

It took me about an hour to read,ponder and absorb the essence of this book. This reader-friendly book is written in a matter-of-fact manner which any reader could catch along even if you were distracted by a most stunning guy on earth seated right across you. It’s time to flaunt how well-read you are even though you’re slinging the most girly-looking hot pink bag over your shoulders.

2. Some pages in this book will lift you off your feet and smile unconsciously

How true when the author says, ” We all have friends who is overbooked, obsessed, never stressed or never there? ” The illustrations by Kanako are pretty entertaining too.

3. The best kept secrets are meant to be kept a secret.

Do you know that you could send an email to yourself in 10 year’s time? Do you know that there’s a phonebooth in the streets of Paris that would ring occassionally, waiting for someone to pick up?

Oops. I’ve just disclosed the secret.


I was inspired to write this post after reading this book titled, ” My Little Paris: The best kept Parisian secrets” which introduces fun places to visit in Paris and interesting activities to be engaged in while you’re travelling in Paris. I love the beautiful illustrations in this book which is drawn by Kanako and the humorous,quirky style of writing that made me smile as I flipped through the pages of this book. It’s a one-of-a-kind guide book and I’m so excited to share with  you some of the places,cafes and shops recommended in this book. Here are my favourites mentioned in the book which I would love to check out if I could get hold of a ticket to Paris.


1. Choose 7 people to be in your dream team to dine in a one-table restaurant

La Tête dans les Olives is an intimate Sicilian restaurant found in the heart of Paris. Its an Italian restaurant which holds private dinners. According to the book, it says that you could only book one table for 5 people. But my last visit to the website, the number of diners has been changed to 8 per table. I wouldn’t know who to invite for dinner though. That also probably means I might have to drag 7 people along with me to tour Paris.

2 Rue Sainte-Marth, Paris 10th.
Metro Goncourt
For reservations, email 


2. Send yourself a future email in x years

Type an email for yourself that would be sent to you in a year’s time or ten years. You will be surprise by how much things have changed ever since you’ve crafted this email. I’m type that email right now…
3. Answers Sophia Calle’s call

Sophia Calle is a French artist and she implanted this phone booth right at Garigliano Bridge in 2006. She might call any moment as she awaits for someone to pick up her call. 

Le Téléphone est une œuvre d’art contemporain imaginée en 2006 par l’artiste française Sophie Calle.

Concernant la genèse de cette idée, Sophie Calle explique qu’elle l’a eue après avoir “lu un article sur une cabine téléphonique qui se trouvait dans le désert”

Sophie Calle’s Phone Booth

Le Téléphone

Found right under the flower-shaped sculpture on the Garigliano Bridge, Paris 15th. 
Metro Balard
4. Tombées du Camion : C’est un boutique qui vende d’objets uniques

This is one unique shop which I would love to visit if I were to travel to Paris again. Here, you can find alot of weird or forgotten objects of the past. Vintage-lovers would scream for joy upon patronizing this shop.
Tombées du Camion
17 rue Joseph de Maistre, Paris 18th
Metro Blanche.
5. Slurp live noodle that wriggles in your mouth

Les Pâtes Vivantes is a Chinese noodle restaurant that serves fresh noodle. There isn’t a shortage in supply of Chinese noodles in Singapore but it might just felt different eating noodles with chopsticks in Paris on Montmartre. It’s just… très different.

46 rue du Faubourg Monmartre, Paris 9th.
Metro Le Peletier
6. Free Massages to ease the tension in muscles when touring Paris

These masseurs are members of a nonprofit organisation called ” La décontraction à la Française ” founded by André Choukroun. They provide free street massage to people walking on the streets of Paris. You lucky Parisians!
La décontraction à la Française 
Place de la Contrescarpe
6 rue Blainville, Paris 5th.
Metro Place Monge
7. Merci, a little way of saying thanks 

Merci is the name of a charity store in Paris where all profits will be donated to charity associations which help women and children in Madagascar. You could shop for vintage furniture or items or you could simply chill in the quiet corners of this store, reading a book and sipping some espresso. You could do a little bit for charity while travelling in Paris.


111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris 3rd
Metro Saint Sébastien Froissard
8. Rendevous at 7th Heaven

Damien and Julie own an apartment with a beautiful view over Sacre Coeur and this generous couple would love to share with fortune by inviting others to beautiful home to enjoy an open-air concert. However, not everyone would get invited to this private musical affair. You have take part in a concert to win invitation to 7th Heaven.

Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel

9. Attend a court trial in Paris

Here the lawyers don’t debate about who gets charge in court. Instead, they debate about the most absurd or disconcerting issues such as ” Should we burn our love letters?” or “Do we have to finish our plate?” or maybe even, ” Should we grow up?” This is an eloquence competition organised by the Paris Bar where the Parisian orators confront against with each other about the least discerning issues.

La Conférence

Library of the Paris Court
Boulevard du Palais, Paris 4th.
Metro Saint-Michel

10. Sunday Night Special at La Famille

Every first Sunday of the month,this restaurant at Montmartre offers a special discount menu. For 10 euros, you could get a three-course innovative meal. For such a price, it is definitely a steal. Dinner starts at 8pm. Remember to be there early!
La Famille
41 rue des Trois Frères, Paris 18th
Metro Abbesses

All the above were recommended by My Little Paris.

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