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Obolo Limited Edition 2012 : The Santa of Sweets

Dear Santa,
My only wish for Christmas is ….
Have you started to craft your wish list for this year’s Christmas? I’ve yet to write my Christmas wish list and new year resolutions for 2013 though! As usual, I really do look forward to celebrate this year’s festive with family and friends over Christmas log cakes, cinnamon cookies, gingerbread, hot chocolate fudge and macarons! I’m a big fan of macarons! It’s just simply pure indulgence to be able to taste really good macarons filled with creamy chocolate gauche. Christmas does come early this year for me! Never would I’ve thought that I would get invited to Obolo’s dessert degustation tasting session at 112 Katong, where I get to sample their cakes and macarons in their limited editions Christmas collection for 2012!
Here’s their delectable range of festive treats – from their signature cheesecakes to Parisian-styled macarons.
Christmas…chocolates…logcakes… and macarons.
This is Obolo’s signature cheesecake. I have yet to try them though! 
Grand Marnier Chocolat Noir
Crunchy praline feulletine, fluffy dark chocolate genoise brushed with Grand marnier syrup, dark chocolate Valencia
Obolo’s classic fruitcake recipe gets jazzed up with a generous douse of Grand Marnier
Christmas favourites… the fruitcake. I had this nostalgia while sampling this Christmas fruitcake. It has lots of raisins and even chocolate chips too!

Obolo’s launch of Christmas Collection 2012 is in partnership with Moët Hennessy Diageo Singapore (LVMH). During this festive season, Obolo is using the Grand Marnier by Hennessy (an orange-flavoured brandy liqueur made from a blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange and sugar) in 4 exciting creations!

Photo credit: Obolo
Le Grand Marnier macarons, le Grand Marnier buche de noël (logcake), les Grand Marnier petits gâteaux et le Grand Marnier gâteau aux fruits (fruitcake).

Obolo’s macarons are really well-baked. Look at the almond shells with gold specks and that thick layer of chocolate gauche sandwich in between… heavenly.
The staff at obolo were really attentive. The moment I took my seat, one of them asked, “What would you like to have? Coffee or tea?”
First Course
Le Grand Marnier Cupcake
Le Macaron Vin Rouge
Vin Rouge, a flavour made from dark chocolate ganache, infused with fine Shiraz red wine from Australia,sandwiched with perfectly crafted almond shells.
This has to be one of my favourites in Obolo’s Christmas Collection 2012.
Dark chocolate cupcake with Grand Marnier frosting piped tastefully atop.
The infusion of the orange brandy liquer gives this cupcake that sweet and fruity taste. And yes, it does gives you that Christmas and joyous feel. Furthermore, orange itself is such a happy and blissful colour.
Second course

Christmas Fruitcake
Red Velvet cupcake
I wish the red velvet cupcake was a little more moist but it’s white chocolate shavings tasted really good. It’s almost like indulging into a bar of white chocolate.
Last Course
Grand Marnier Logcake
Grand Marnier Macaron
Perfectly baked macaron almond shells with smooth dark chocolate ganache. The macaron shells are coated with tiny specks of gold that looked so Chrismassy. That’s considered a generous amount of chocolate ganache. Hands-down to Chef Mac! 
There was a lucky draw held that day and I was thankful for being chosen to win this recipe book written by Chef Mac Woo and Chef June Lee themselves. It’s a baking book on cheesecakes.
Thank you Obolo for the wonderful treats!
Merry Christmas!

112 East Coast Road
#B1-11/29 112 KATONG S(428802)
Opening hours: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm
Telephone: 6636 1073
Facsimile: 6636 1974
Check out their Gourmet Sweets Christmas hampers below! They make great christmas gifts for family and friends.
For more details, do visit their website.
Christmas Hamper – Impress
Christmas Hamper – Tempt

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