Owl Cafe @ The Star Vista : Affordable and Yummy Local Delights

Owl Cafe @ The Star Vista : Affordable and Yummy Local Delights
These days, the dollar is on the rise again. For the average consumer, it’s can be really straining on our wallets. It’s after working hours and neither do you want to head home to cook nor do take-aways and sit right infront your TV and binge away. All you want to do is to have a good meal at a brightly-lited cafe with great ambiance and music with a bunch of colleagues or friends. But at the same time, you can’t be eating out every single day spending almost $20 and above for a meal. But just recently, I discovered this cafe at Star Vista which offers delicious food at pocket-friendly prices. Heard of Owl coffee? They open a new Owl Cafe outlet right at Star Vista which is conveniently located next to Buona Vista MRT. A large size portion of soft-shell crab spaghetti for $12.90? That’s a real steal by Deenise Glitz’s standards.
This is Singapore’s first Straits Asian cafe where you could get to enjoy local western-fusioned food like laksa spaghetti and experience the Straits Asian Kopitiam culture in a modern and stylish setting. It couldn’t be more classier to order Kopi-O than an espresso right here at Owl Cafe. Long-time supporters and fans of owl coffee should definitely hop down to this brightly-lit cafe located on the second level of Star Vista.
At Owl Cafe, you can choose to go alfresco or sit in the air-conditioned space to enjoy great Straits Asian delights meticulously prepared experienced hands. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea, there’s always something in store for you to satisfy those hunger pangs.
Kopi Luwak
This is probably one of the most expensive beverage I’ve ever tasted – civet coffee served with coffee caviar. This cup of thick roasted coffee served in a glass dome is the most expensive item here in the menu. It’s thick and smooth on the palate, not too overly bitter but just nice. What’s even better in the coffee caviar infused with gula melaka. The caviar is not to be mistaken as your tapioca pearls where were added into the drink. Instead,the coffee caviar is to be eaten separately and this is just one of the chef’s innovative idea. Instead of serving coffee with biscotti, how about some caviar which is made exclusive here?
Those true coffee-lovers and foodies should not give this kopi luwak a miss!
These precious Kopi luwak (civet coffee) beans are imported from Indonesia. Don’t be too surprise to know that these beans of coffee berries were once defecated by civet cats. I’ve never expected that something produced in such a manner could be something so exquisite on the dining table. That what’s make it so interesting to learn about the origins of food!
Jagong Smoothie
This your jacob’s corn smoothie for people who adore eating corn. Corn-lovers would die for the strong aroma of corn purée blended nicely with milk and ice.
Hae Chor Salad
The Hae Chor here is made using chicken instead of pork. By the way, the food served here is halal which means the muslims get to enjoy the good Straits Asian food available at Owl cafe.
Hainanese Curry Chicken
This is yet another recommended dish. Curry chicken prepared in the most traditional way with generous amounts of coconut milk and spices. It instantly reminds me of my grandmother’s way of preparing chicken curry with freshly sliced cooked potatoes. The Singaporean way is to dip pieces of bread into the curry to soak up all the goodness there. 
Stir-fried Spaghetti with soft-shell crab
I’m amazed by the huge sized portion of this platter heaped with pasta with and chunks of fried soft-shell crab. The spaghetti sauce tasted exceptionally good with the pineapple chunks, pasta and soft-shell crab. The pasta is somewhat mundane but the generous portions soft-shell crab is the so-called masterpiece of this dish – crunchy and well-fried to perfection. I couldn’t stomach the whole dish but I knew I had an appetite for the fresh soft-shell crab.
Spaghetti with Laksa sauce
Pasta with a local twist. I like how combination of western pasta with laksa paste and spices. They even had slices of fishcakes ( commonly found in Laksa) peeking from the sides of the dish.
Bawan Kepiting Broth
Moist and juicy meatballs. This pairs pretty well with rice-based dishes like the soft-shell crab with nasi kuning. I like that the broth is not too salty but light and flavourful at the same time. With crab meatballs that huge, I think I could have this Bawan Kepiting Broth as a main course too.
Roti Bakar Assam Nanas
Savoury toasties – highly recommended! It’s a refreshing explosion of taste when cheese is combine with ham and pineapple chunks. It’s our Straits Asian pizza. Simple and nothing too buoyant but yet flavourful.
Assam Chicken Wings
Assam chicken wings are wings to freedom for chili lovers. I love the sauce but I’m not too sure about the tenderness of chicken meat. Somehow I wish it was more tender and moist.
Who loves digging for Atapchi ( palm seeds) in local desserts such as Ice Kacang and Chendol? You get about several atapchis in this glass of ice cold chendol!
Owl’s Soya Beancurd
Apparently, the Soya Bean curd ( Tau-huay) craze hasn’t died down!
Bubur Hitam with Vanilla Ice-cream
This is a crowd-pleaser at our table. What surprises me is the scoop of home-made vanilla ice-cream placed right in the middle of the bubur hitam as this shows the effort made by the chef is preparing food from scratch, believing that home-made’s still the best. I really like it that it’s not too overly sweet too.
Durian Pengat
Then, comes the Durian Pengat, the pungent fruit that maybe too overpowering for some but not for me as I love the creamy texture of the fruit flesh. Eating Durian Pengat is like licking the durian flesh off the seeds. Here, the chef uses one of the best type of durians, D24. It’s the best of the best.

Look at the durian fibre in every spoonful of the durian pengat? I would rather spend than $5.80 on this durian pengat then on creamy and overly sweet cakes. This is true durian indulgence.

* This is an invited food tasting.

Owl Café
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Tel +65 6694 3537

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