Pedicure @ Luxewoman: O.P.I Skyfall Nail Polish with 3D Nail Art on My Little Toes

Have you watched Skyfall? Please do not start laughing and rolling on the floor if I told you that I’ve not heard about this movie before til I saw O.P.I’s latest range of nail polish colours inspired by James Bond’s film Skyfall at Luxewoman. That’s right. Joey, Ruiting and I were down for a mini girls’-only party pedicure session at Luxewoman. All of us were present except the party host herself. Where are you, Mag? The party wasn’t that fun without our crazy Mag who could probably entertain us and freed us from boredom while we get out nails painted. Nevertheless, it was pleasant spending time and catching up with Joey and Ruiting while watching Korean Drama on TV. 
No hard selling here!
I gradually begin to fall in love with this place because practically everything here screams pink. To me, pink is such a happy colour and it instantly lifts your mood up. Not too sure if it works for guys but it does for the girly girls.

I haven’t painted my nails for a very long time and for some time, I’ve forgotten how much joy you gain  when you stare at your pretty nails with the latest swipe of O.P.I nail polishes. It doesn’t matter whether others notice the colour on your nails as long you feel that sense of contentment while looking admiringly at your own nails. As such, I always think that going for manicures or pedicures is truly a self-indulgent activity for women! It’s just like how guys are love to play their game consoles.

That day, the true “girlishness” in me was teased after I spotted this adorable Hello Kitty Calculator resting on the shop counter. Could something be any cuter than this, really?

O.P.I Skyfall Collection 
I’m not a fan of James Bond movies but I’m totally in love with the O.P.I nail polishes inspired by the latest action packed movie, Skyfall. The nail polish colours in this collection were perfect for autumn 2012. Shades of warm colours like red, orange, maroon and plum red…These beautiful colours just spells out autumn, fallen leaves, trench coats and boots. Well, for some, the start of autumn is also the beginning of the holiday seasons! Christmas! I can hear it, feel it and see it coming. My favourite festive season of the year is coming! With Christmas just around the corner, shouldn’t you paint the whole town with glistening gold and silver? Don’t forget to visit your manicurist to get your nails painted with a beautiful festive colour too! So much for keeping up with the festive mood…
Look at how these pretty shiny things glimmer under the light? I’ve paired this multi-hued glitter nail polish with a O.P.I Skyfall’s Casino Royale (plum red) nail polish as a nail base. Read on to see how my nails turned out!
Be Spoilt for Choice.
What should you do when you are blessed with so many colours to choose from? Always go with the latest nail colour trend. Remember, you are living in this era, not Marilyn Monroe’s era where everyone paints their nails red. Lustrous red nails are totally out of this season. Never allow the fashion police to catch you having red nails. Instead, go for maroon, deep purple or plum red.
Or you could be daring and witty. If you aren’t that girly girl, you could go for these quirky, funky or cute nail art designs! They never go out of season!
I’m eyeing on the cupcake nail art design. I guess I could picture myself eating cupcakes with my cupcake nails. Let’s hope I won’t mistake my nails for a real cupcake. Munch. Munch.

My feet were finally treated with some care and love by the manicurist who effortlessly got rid of the layer of dead skin cells. Now that the base of my feet is smooth, pink and healthy, it’s time to have fun with colours!

Check out the 3D- nail art I did on my big toe!It serves as reminder that I should be showing some love for my feet too, other than my face and hands. Yes, your feet deserves some care and attention too! 

Drawing myself back to reality, here I was lying comfortably in those cushioned seats while I get my pedicure done by a trained manicurist. I’ve forgotten to ask for her name but she did a great job in prepping my nails for the Autumn and Holiday season. 
By the way, hygiene is the topmost priority here at Luxewomen. All the tools used here are properly sanitized and cleansed. Their neatly compartmentalized working trays with nail tools and a set of separate tools used for the feet. It’s a good practice to maintain such high standard of hygiene. Could you imagine if the tiny fungus on your feet get transferred to your fingernails? Or even worse, someone else’s fungus and bacteria is being shared with you. I’m sure anyone would jump out of horror at the thought of this.
This little pink “princessy” place is managed by Jaclyn, a talented Nail stylist who is really skillful and meticulous in the things she does. Check out her cool nails! We were totally wowed by how complex and intricate nail art design on her nails! Impressive, isn’t it? Did I mention that she has won several nail art design competitions before?
Wow, this has to be the first time in my whole life to be looking at the tableful of shiny medals right outside a nail salon. It’s a luxury to pamper my calloused feet here. At the end of the pedicure session, I leapt out of the nail salon with two happy feet!
Signing off,
Happy Feet.

Hi! Hope you are not too gross out by my undeniably ugly monstrous-looking foot. Notice how the bling-blings stands out from the base colour? It’s going to be a dazzling autumn for me this year.
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