The Icing Room: ‘Tis the Icing on the Cake – Mini DIY Yule Logs

The Icing Room: ‘Tis the Icing on the Cake – Mini DIY Yule Logs
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Other than celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas season is also a joyful time of the year where we get to enjoy our long vacations with our family and friends. Also, it’s a time for sharing our love and feasting on good food. For Christmas, we would usually feast on turkeys, Christmas hams and log cakes. At grandma’s, we use to have the whole turkey laid on the table along with gingerbread man cookies and log cakes. Oh, I miss those days where we would sit by the Christmas tree and wait for her to hand out those neatly-wrapped gifts. 
Maybe one day I would learn how to bake a Christmas log cake for a Christmas party. But as for now, though I can’t whip up a log cake in the kitchen from scratch, I could always purchase a mini DIY Yule log from The Icing Room where I could design and decorate my very own Yule log! The Yule log, or  Bûche de Noël, is one of the traditional Christmas sweet treats. Cinnamon cookies, hot chocolate with marshmallow and candy canes…memories of Christmas markets I’ve visited during my Christmas trip to Europe resurfaced. It’s indeed the most wonderful and blissful time of the year!
In this mini DIY Yule Log set, there will 5 different coloured piping bags and 2 sets of Christmas festive decorations for the mini yule log. 

The mini yule log comes in two different flavours – strawberry or chocolate. I chose the strawberry log cake because I don’t think I’ve ever tried eating a strawberry-flavoured log cake for Christmas before!

I’ve decided to write the title of my blog with icing against the fresh strawberry cream. After all, I should commemorate the success of my blog thus far and the adventures and experiences I’ve been through as a writer of deeniseglitz for the past 2 years!

I’ve been drawing flowers since I’ve begin to learn how to draw as a kid. Maybe that explains why flowers meant so much to me. You find floral prints on my dresses, my blog banner, my name card and even on my bed sheet. It has pretty much been a symbol of my life.

Almost there! I would be lying if I tell you that this decorating process wasn’t fun at all. It was very invigorating to be letting my imaginations to run wild for a bit, allowing my fingers to do the thinking.

Some final touches… and I’ve come to completion. Love my creation? Vote for my yule log creation here! ( Deenise Glitz)

Once it’s done, celebrate with a bottle of champagne and cut a slice of it to taste.

WAIT! Don’t forget to snap and take a picture of your masterpiece before it’s ruin by the birthday knife! The photo of your masterpiece could win you attractive prizes! Read on to find out how this DIY Yule log can bring you even more surprises for this Christmas season!

It looks pretty much like strawberry Swiss roll but I do love the cold fresh strawberry-flavoured cream embedded in the swirls!
Here’s a contest which you could take part in if you have purchased the mini DIY Yule Log set from The Icing Room! You could win attractive prizes like an iPad mini, Canon camera, printer or tickets to Universal Studios by simply sending your photo entry and ask the whole world to vote for your photo!

 I’ve already send my contest entry form, have you? Please don’t forget to vote for my photo entry! Read the details below to find out how to participate or log on to

Who has the Best DIY Yule Log ?
Photo Contest
For more details, please log on to The Icing Room FaceBook page.

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