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Vivez La Langue

I started reading this book titled ” Stuff Parisians Like” by Olivier Magny and that got my interest for the French culture and language reignited once more. There are times I wish I could speak and write fluently in French but now that it’s all rusty, it’s going to take some time for me to catch up. But I knew I need to start somewhere.Maybe right here.

This video on YouTube sums it all. I want to live in this language again. This time I will not hesitate to embrace it and even breathe in it. Though it seems like a good idea that I could very well blog and write about how the French culture and at the very same time, discover new things on my own, I am still contemplating if I should write in English or French. Maybe both. After all, it isn’t French when it’s not in French, right? Si?

I am going to start writing about discovering a new language and culture, in particularly, the French culture, from the perspective of a traveller or foreigner. Having typed that sentence out, it does excites me to know I will be embarking on a new journey to rediscover my love for language and culture.

This is a journey with a goal in mind. If not, this journey would seem like an endless road. My long and arduous journey comes with several goals I hope to achieve at the end of 2013. That includes…

Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to reveal every detail of it here when I know you could always click on that special website link in blue…found right above.

À bientôt!

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