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Wild Honey @ Scotts Square: Wilder than I Thought

Wild Honey @ Scotts Square: Wilder than I Thought

I still remembered that I was tearing the night before. No, don’t get the wrong idea. It wasn’t over someone or an incident that had left me crippled for the rest of my life. It was over a movie called Freedom Writers. It was such an inspiring and touching movie that my pillow was soaked in tears. So that particular Saturday afternoon, at Wild Honey, my eyes were swollen and I could barely lift up my eyelids as I sliced the toasted Brioche into halves.

But thankfully, my puffy eyelids were gone after having lunch with Mabel and Yee Ting. Either it’s the company or the food at Wild Honey that helps to de-puff those swollen eyes of mine.

At Wild Honey, they serves all-Day breakfast dishes that represents several countries around the world. For example,  European Breakfast, Tunisia Breakfast, Belgium Breakfast…all except Singapore Breakfast. What will Singapore Breakfast set look like? Kaya-butter toast with half-boiled eggs! It would definitely be a knock-out among the foreigners dining here.

Tunisian Breakfast 

We girls love the idea of sharing. Le Petit Déjeuner would suffice. Un peu de pain, un peu des oeufs et c’est tout.A morsel of bread, a little egg whites and that’s it. Maybe that’s why the French placed the word “petit” before the word “Déjeuner” which means lunch. In French, ” le Petit Déjeuner ” means breakfast or “little lunch”.

The ever popular Tunisian Breakfast is a hit with most people who dined at Wild Honey before. Little did they know that Tunisia is actually the smallest country in North Africa. If I hadn’t googled where Tunisia is, I would have thought that it’s somewhere in the Middle East or Turkey because of the herbs and spices used in this dish. The Tunisian Breakfast served here at Wild Honey is actually called Shakshouka which consists of eggs poached in tomato sauce garnished with onions and chili peppers. It’s also a breakfast staple in Tunisia and Morocco too. I would love to have Shakshouka someday in Tunisia or Morocco!

Portobello Road
This is another version of eggs Benedict’s with Hollandaise sauce. Instead of bacon or salmon, it has Portobello mushrooms stuffed underneath the eggs. Overall, it’s delicious but I just can’t quite taste the different flavours of each ingredient. The flavours of the mushrooms, herbs and vegetables are all intertwine and merge with each other that I can’t really make out what are the key ingredients or what is so unique about this dish.
Yes, I know it’s hard to understand what I mean. It’s definitely wilder than I thought especially with it’s pricing.Maybe dropping by Wild Honey for yourself would make things easier. Don’t forget to make a reservation!
Wild Honey
6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square #03-01
Tel: 6636 1816

Later, we had tea at CineCafe, Shaw House. The coffee’s good and it’s definitely another eatery I would like to check out soon! The food is pretty affordable too!

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