An Afternoon Tea with Hello Kitty

Hello World! 
I just got back from exhausted from my winter trip in Shanghai with a flu bug.
 That’s a little depressing especially the festive season is just around the corner and I didn’t want to be sniffling and coughing in gatherings and parties. 
But my spirits were up when I got back home and found Gold Kili’s Hello Kitty Package on my study table. I haven’t seen Hello Kitty in quite a while!
The new Hello Kitty mug I received has now become the daily mug I would use at home!
I’m a huge of Hello Kitty and I think most girls do, right? Which girl on earth doesn’t love anything pink and pretty? Just for this Christmas and New Year, Gold Kili and Frezfruta are offering this limited edition of Hello Kitty cups ( which comes in 2 different designs) with four of their products : 
Gold Kili’s DoubleShot instant White coffee
Gold Kili’s DoubleShot instant White Milk Tea 
Frezfruta’s Strawberry Jam
Frezfruta’s Apple Blueberry Jam
With all these products in hand, you could have an afternoon tea right in the comfort of your home, with a cup of white coffee in your new Hello Kitty mug and some cranberry scones with fruit jams. 
(Four Leaves Bakery’s scones are pretty good!)
Each promotion pack is retailed at $6.90/pack. (Worth $15.90)

Frezfruta’s Apple Blueberry Jam
This is probably the first Apple Blueberry Jam to be offered in our local supermarkets! I’ve yet to try it but I think it would taste great with toast or crackers. I love to spread fruits jams on Meiji plain crackers and eat it as a snack in between meals.

 Gold Kili’s Instant Double Shot White Coffee
Everyone’s into white coffee these days. I wonder why…not that they are actually white or anything, it’s has coffee that has added chilled or room temperature milk. 
 Gold Kili’s Instant Double Shot White Milk Tea 
I’ve got the opportunity to sample this product and the white milk tea was pretty amazing. The tea itself is fragrant and the consistency is rather thick. Bubble milk tea fans would love this!

Frezfruta’s Strawberry Jam
An all-time local favourite jam with toast and butter. It’s great for baking biscuits and cookies too!

Promotion available at all NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Sheng Shiong and Prime supermarkets.

Have a White Christmas and  a Happy New Year!

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