Lumenis – OPT M22 : A Solution for Light-based Skin Treatments

Dear Lumenis M22 OPT,
We’ve meet again.
Thanks to Lumenis, I’ve the opportunity to try out their latest M22 OPT machine to treat some of my skin condition. The dermatologist recommended that I could use this machine to minimize my pore size at my cheek areas and to even my skin tone. I was so glad that I could do something to my enlarged pores which somehow couldn’t seem to reduce in size. So I went ahead for the skin treatment and sit on the adjustable chair while waiting patiently for the dermatologist to set-up the machine.

Lumenis is leading company in the field of medical and cosmetic laser, as well as light-based systems. In fact, Lumenis is the first company which manufactured intense pulsed light (IPL) devices. Right now, they have came up with two newly improved IPL machines, LightSheer Duet and M22 OPT which promises greater efficacy and lesser treatment time. That day, I had the opportunity to witness the wonders of Lumenis’s M22 OPT machine.

First, I was given a pair of protective eyewear to protect my eyes from getting hurt by the strong flashes and laser beams produced by the machine. Next, the dermatologist applied a layer of numbing gel on my face before zapping my skin with the machine. I love the cooling sensation whenever the gel is applied on my face…

Zap, Zap. Ouch! 

I’ve never done an IPL treatment before in my life and this is my first time undergoing a medical aesthetic treatment using a machine. It hurts a little on my skin due to the intense heat radiating from the machine and the strong flashes from the machine did gave me a little shock too.

I’ve got zero tolerance for pain!

But things went slightly better after I got used to the flashes and the heat which lasted only for a second.  The dermatologist applied more numbing gel and decrease the intensity of the device to a comfortable level on my skin. The whole process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. It’s rather quick and convenient.

Right after the treatment, my face became instantly clearer and appear more luminous. There’s also a slight taut my skin. I can feel the pores starts to shrink a little after going through all that shocks! But the results would only show up after a week or so.

The greater the wavelength, the further the intense light-impulse will penetrate deeper to the skin, stimulating collagen production.

After the treatment, I was advised to apply sunblock my skin and try to avoid the sun as much as possible. Cheers to a more luminous and smooth skin!
Read about Lumenis’ latest launch of LightSheer Duet and M22 OPT here.

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