Lunch @ Basil Leaf – The Start of the Holiday Season: 25 more Days to Christmas!

The Sail, Marina Bay
It’s 1 of December! The very beginning of the Christmas Holiday Season! The favourite month of the year! This year is finally coming to a sweet end. End it with a dash of salt,pepper, some great food and awesome company.
I was out with the Pluto members today!
Portobello Sandwich @ Basil Leaf Cafe, The Sail at Marina Bay

I love the portbello sandwiched between the two pieces of foccacia bread but I wish the bread was a litlte crunchier or softer to chew. You know, it ain’t easy for any grandpas/grannies or people with braces to chew their food…
Ribeye Sandwich 

Yee Ting ordered this sandwich. It’s pretty basic. Some chips and rocket salad as it sides. The fact that this cafe was rather empty, we had almost the whole space to ourselves. You can talk as loudly as you want… even your darkest secrets.

As usual, we head over to a coffee place at MarinaBay Link Mall to do more catching up, rattling about whatever was going through on our mind at that moment. How often can you just speak your mind so freely? Only with the people whom you can really trust and rely on.

Starbucks’s Christmas Drink
Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha 
with a dash of cinnamon and chocolate powder

This is my first time trying Starbucks’ Christmas drink . If they ask you whether you would like to add whip cream to your Christmas drink, just reply ‘yes’ even though your mind tells that the cream is going to add extra calories and fat to your body. I mean it’s Christmas! In which season of the year you could enjoy a Starbuck’s Christmas drink with whipped cream that tasted so lovely with the white chocolate bits and cranberry sauce? Take the risk. Just for Christmas. Even Santa wouldn’t skip the cream!

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