Marina Bay Countdown Singapore 2013 : Count on us, Singapore !

Count on me, Singapore
Count on me, Singapore.
Count on me to give my best and more.
Together Singapore, Singapore.
– Song titled “Count on me, Singapore” by Hugh Harrison

Good day to you! I just got off the plane and now I’m back to feed you some of my latest updates which I am thankful that I’m still able to type and publish this post after surviving from the horrifying air turbulence I had on my flight back from Bangkok to Singapore. In the meantime, I’m proud to announce that the Marina Bay Countdown Official blog page is finally up! On this page itself, you would also be able to follow and read live updates from four other bloggers, bringing you different perspectives, ideas and tips for the upcoming MarinaBay Countdown on 31 December 2012!

Yes, Year 2012 is coming to an end and  21 December 2012 will soon be over ( that supposed predicted Doomsday based on the Mayan Calender), so there are even more reasons to end it beautifully and meaningfully by counting down with the rest of our fellow Singaporeans and foreigners while enjoying Singapore’s most spectacular view at Marina Bay with fireworks. I promise, it’s going to be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life especially if this is your first time heading over down to Marina Bay for this year’s countdown!

2012 is a rough year for me and I’m dying to put a full-stop to the very last sentence of my 2012 journal and start my 2013 journal on a fresh page. So being chosen as one of the official bloggers for Marina Bay Countdown 2013 and to personally witness all the events and behind-the-scenes preparation for the huge day is certainly delightful for me. What’s even more gratifying is that I’m able to do my part for Singapore in gathering the different communities living together in Singapore to the heart of our city, in our single heartbeat, synchronize with the time, as we count “3,2,1!!!” as a nation.
Count on us Singapore, as we, the 5 official bloggers, to start your journey for 2013 on a fresh page with a huge capital letter “A”, where A is for AWESOME!

Visit Marina Bay Countdown Website for more news and events held to celebrate the new year!

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