MarinaBay Countdown 2013 with GoFlyKite: Dragons of the Night Sky

It’s somewhat unlike any other posts.
Neither it’s about another food hunt or travel,
It’s none other than Singapore’s coolest inventil to date,
GoFlyKite’s remote control kite.
That day,
My task was to fly a kite.
With no strings attached.
Just a remote control with two knobs.
Here I am attending a crash course on aerodynamics.
And a little physics too.
GoFlyKite is the first local company in the world who invented and produced such special kites.
It’s uniquely Singapore.
The owner is none other than Michael Lim, himself, who came up with such brilliant idea.From a little conversation I had with him, he talks about the birth of the remote control kites. It all begin with his pure passion for flying and playing with remote control airplanes and hellicopters. Then, the idea got sparked off when he believe that instead of toying with remote control airplanes and helicopters which often get damaged in the course of flying, he thought, why not replace the model airplanes with paper-thin kites? From there, he begin to took off and soar high up in the skies to pursue his dream, and at the very same time turning his dream into reality.
It was definitely an inspiration for me to learn about how such technology works but I consider myself quite a klutz when it cames to gadgets or driving a vechicle. As much as I didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t get my driving license, I was half-hearted about heading to the fields to fly the remote control kites. But just as I was about to hang my head low while I did my 3-hour simulator training, my instructor’s kid came over to help me with my kite simulator training and that got me to think that if a kid can rock in the skies with the kite, why can’t I? Well, at least that gave me the guts to fly the actual kite even though my virtual airplane kept crashing into the ground.
A swift of blurness. Dancing sky lights.
Thank goodness I had another trainer who was pretty patient with me as I learn how to take off my kite.  He was pretty determine that I shouldn’t give up trying no matter how many times I fail but I felt really bad for having him to trudge on muddy grounds just to pick up my fallen kite.
Maybe I was too focus on flying that I didn’t take my camera along with me but thank goodness my buddy Esther took some shots. Some of these shots were taken by Esther, the kiddo and myself. I’m amazed with the kiddo’s photography skills. She’s pretty whacky 13-year-old who took part in several kit competitions already and I’m really starting to like this kid. Xin Yi, if you’re reading this, do say hi!

After about an hour of try-out, I decided I should take a step back and watch the rest in action. After some 20 minutes, Michael called up to some kiddos and they called grabbed their house-fly looking kites and stood in line, ready for the take-off.

Wait til you see this! It’s quite a spectacular sight against the Marina Bay’s skyline! Also, there’s just some romance in the air when you see that bright array of lights in the night sky. How about kite-flying with no strings attached with your date?

The actual kite flying in reality was totally different from the virtual kite-flying experience. It was way tougher but at least I could fly a remote control kite in the sky for an average of 8 seconds. That’s quite a milestone for me. My trainer said I lacked of faith which is pretty true in this circumstance. I was too afraid that the worse scenarios would happen such as the kite zooming right into my face.

Want to get your hands on this kite or to give a try in flying the remote control kites? Michael and his team are really a nice bunch who allows the public to get their hands on kite-flying as long as you’re above the age of 6.

You can also watch all these action and try flying these special kites during MarinaBay Countdown on 31 December. Be there and witness all these amazing action! There will be a kite performance during the fireworks display at Marina Bay countdown.

My favourite photo of the day!
It was certainly challenging to take night shots especially without a tripod but I guess the photo turns out well because I try to hold the camera still when I take a shot.

I love the idea of flying to somewhere or some place special.

Who’ll be my pilot?


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