Sawadii Kah, Bangkok – Part 1: Grand Inn Hotel Bangkok Review

Sawadii kah!
Greetings from Bangkok, a city of madness. To shoppers who were looking for good deals, Bangkok’s Chatuchak market and Platinum fashion malls offers madly cheap items. To the photography enthusiasts, the temples,palaces and street sightings were madly beautiful. To the foodies, the restaurants,cafes and food stores here offers madly delicious food. This place is enticing and no wonder Singaporeans repeatedly come back again and again after numerous visits. For me, I’m back in Bangkok for the third time. Four days of shopping, eating and chilling, from 10 to 13 December of 2012.
Planning a trip to Bangkok comes off as really easy when you could conveniently book your flights and hotel stay online and best of all, with the abundance of travel information on Bangkok and reviews of food and places, you could plan your own travel itinerary and get a taste of the Thai culture and their way of life without having the need to hire a guide ( unless you’re travelling out of Bangkok!).
I booked my flights with AirAsia and my hotel accomodation, with It took me and my friends quite some time to look for an affordable hotel with good location and services. In the end, we decided with Grand Inn Hotel that seems quite average based on the reviews. Some gave good words about the hotel while others complained about some of it’s facilities.Despite of this, we still went ahead to book the hotel thinking that it wasn’t too bad right? It turns out that it wasn’t too bad. It was way above my expectations.
Hotel perks
1. Free Wifi available once you enter their building – Whether you’re in your room, lobby or their cafe having breakfast, you could update your Facebook status and tweet about your travels.
2. Complimentary mineral water bottles – Not enough? You could purchase mineral water from 7-11 located near the hotel.
3. iPod Speakers – Blast your favourite tunes in your room as you take a shower or read a book.
4. Super powerful airconditioner which keeps the room cool – Afraid of the heat in Bangkok? Those powerful air-cons will help to take off the heat so you can sleep peacefully at night.
5. It’s about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Nana Skytrain station!
Hotel Downsides

1. There’s earthquakes in my room! – Whenever a vechicle zooms past the hotel, your bed will start to shake. It could be due to the poor construction and foundation of the building. Whenever the ground trembles, the whole hotel starts to tremble with it too.
2. Where’s the hot kettle? – You can’t boil water in the room but if you need hot water, you could ask for it from the hotel cafe, located on the eighth floor.
3. The entrance of the hotel is rather inconspicuous. Make sure you open the right glass door.
Hotel Lobby
Superior Double Room
It does look pretty chic and clean.

Superior Twin room
Complimentary shampoo,shower gel, soap and a shower cap.
Rooftop Cafe at Grand Inn.
Breakfast consists of:

Eggs with sausage or bacon
Toasts with butter and jam
Juice or fruits

I love their omelette. Soft and fluffy.

A decent breakfast to start each day of exploration in Bangkok.

Anyhow, it’s about 35 SGD per room for two a night with breakfast. What more could I ask for at such a price?

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