Sawadii Kah, Bangkok – Part 2: After You Cafe @ Siam Paragon

A holiday trip to Bangkok is never complete without making a visit to one of the extravagant shopping malls such as Siam Paragon. It’s a mall of upscale branded goods and a huge departmental store. For most tourists like myself , we aren’t there for the Chanel or Gucci, we are there for the swanky cafes and restaurants and the gigantic supermarket located at the basement of Siam Paragon.

When you’re at Siam Paragon, do not miss the opportunity to have some desserts at this popular desserts cafe called After You. The queue is endless once it’s opened for the day. People come here for breakfast, lunch, tea and even dinner. The customers consisted of mainly Thai hippies and youths who also found it exceptionally fashionable to dine in cafes.

Take a queue number and be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes. While waiting for a seat, why not do some window shopping?

A must-order signature dish while you’re here: Shibuya Honey Toast (165 Baht)
Every Shibuya toast sets comes with a mini jar of maple syrup. On top of that, this cafe offers a complimentary free-flow of tea. Mini paper cups ( as shown above) would be provided after you made your order at the counter.
I’ve got no idea about the origins of the cafe – but it seems to be a Japanese-Western fusion cafe serving Shibuya toasts, waffles, coffee and breakfast sets. Their menu is written in English, Thai and Japanese.

This is one of the most heavenly desserts ever made on our planet Earth.
This tasted even better than Laduree’s macarons.
What’s Shibuya toast, anyway?
It’s a Japanese version of French toast, also known as Hanito.
In fact, it was believed this honey toast was first served in a karaoke located in Shibuya, a shopping district in Tokyo. Check out the recipe below.
2 scoops of home-made vanilla ice-cream, 1 pile of home-made whipped cream and a super thick toast with tonnes of butter, honey and maple syrup in it. There might be caramelized bananas in it too! It’s difficult to tell what’s in it but the soft bread with warm aroma of butter and honey beats any buttered toast I ate so far. There’s probably no way of replicating this dish at home even if you have the recipe because everything served on this dish is home-made. The whipped cream is unlike any other whipped creams purchased in the supermarkets. The cream is not too sweet at all but very light, airy and full of that creamy taste.
 Cold thick vanilla ice-cream served with warm toast… 
It was one of the highlights of my trip in Bangkok.

“Life is uncertain. Eat desserts first.”

– Ernestine Ulmer

Take a look at how Shibuya toast is done!
It’s such a lengthy process!

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