Sawadii Kah, Bangkok – Part 3: Terminal 21 – A Mall with Outstanding Toilets

Terminal 21 is one of Bangkok’s latest shopping malls with an international theme. It’s an airport terminal with shops selling different items from various countries. It’s an interesting mall because every level has a different country theme and the stores at each level sells items unique to each country. Say Tokyo in Japan, you will find many ‘kawaii’ clothings and accessories in the various stores located on the same level.
  My journey starts from Paris, France and ends in San Francisco.
Instead of shopping or eating, we ended up making surprise toilet trips at each level to check out how extravagant they look. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea because we were exhausted after running into every toilet at each level.
I can’t fly to Paris this December but at least, I could feel the presence of Europe right here in this mall.
Signature European street sightings:  tall lamp post and protruding wall signboards.
C’est Chic, non?
Tokyo – One of last few Asia countries I’ve yet to Conquer.
Washrooms at Japan-themed level.
 All the icons of London were displayed at the toilets.
London’s Tube.
Capturing the key attractions in London Town.
Welcome onboard on Flight TRM 21 to London.
It does feels a little like London.
Istanbul, Turkey
We found a shop on that same level selling these beautiful lamps too.
San Francisco.
The structure and design in pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Grand entrance to the toilets.
Every angle becomes a photo spot!
An information board about bread just right outside the washroom at ‘San Francisco’ level.

The Thais are really turning this city into a Shopping Paradise with one mall after another.
 Address:Terminal 21, Soi Watthana, Khlong Tan Nuea, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Opening Hours:Mon to Sun,10am–10pm
Phone: 090-384 5547

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