Sawadii Kah, Bangkok – Part 5: Greyhound Cafe @ The Emporium

Deeniseglitz is once again on a hunt for great food. On my last day in Bangkok, we’ve found a real gem at The Emporium – Greyhound Cafe. We’ve wanted to check out this much highly-rated cafe at Siam Centre but the whole mall was closed down for renovation. Like what Jamie said, we are fated to dine in this restaurant – with the greyhounds.
Next to the cafe is actually the Greyhound fashion boutique store. On first thought, I thought Greyhound was a some British or American fashion label but after doing a few quick google searches, I realise it’s a Thai fashion design label. I’m once again awed by how talented the Thais were when it comes to creativity. Thai TV commercials is one of such examples to showcase their remarkable capability in telling a story through innovative storylines and captions.

Many tiny Charlie Chopins prancing on the wall.
What a great idea to marry fashion with food. Greyhound’s fashion spells of simplicity and sharpness in selecting unique material to make a fashion statement. The food served here, like it’s simplicity in clothing, is pure and true to the taste of its ingredients used. 
And the desserts here would set the greyhounds go wild.
Caution: They don’t offer tap water here. So if you asked for ice water, they will serve you their own brand of mineral water.
Spicy Spaghetti in Thai-Style
The taste of Oriental Thai-style noodles except that the noodles was replaced with pasta. It’s not quite like any delicious yummy noodles you’ve tasted on the streets. Here, the piquant flavours erupts cleanly in several layers. Firstly, you will taste the saltiness and flavour from the soya sauce, then the heavy seafood flavour from the prawns and clams stirred in with the pasta. Finally, the waft of fragrance from the basil leaves and rosemary. Each and every flavour is distinct and smooth on the palate. It’s not just delicious but flavourful with that element of surprise. If only they could serve a glass of white white or sparkling champagne…
Fried Rice with Dried Beef
This is the least favourite among all the dishes laid on the table. Blame it on the way the beef strips were prepared because it’s slightly salty and hard to chew on which make it unappetizing for most people. Nevertheless, the fried rice was pleasant which I’ve to applaud for it’s chef’s cooking skills in preparing the flavourful fried rice with few ingredients.
( Served in a jar)
This first thing that comes up to my mind is Grin Affair’s dessert in a jar concept. It’s been a popularized  concept of storing the desserts in glass jars. The Banoffee is another to-die-for dessert with it’s Crème fraîche, salted caramel, sliced bananas and crunchy oreo cookie base.
Buns with butter. Nope, sorry, it looks like butter but it’s actually Crème fraîche, a type of sour cream made with yoghurt. It’s light and creamy with a ice-cream texture.
Coconut Sherbet with Coconut meat

We couldn’t get enough of its desserts so we ordered one more before we rush off to catch our flight back to Singapore!This is everyone’s favourite along the three of us. The coconut sherbet is outstanding! To me, it’s somewhat like coconut ice-cream, very creamy but light.

The flight back to Singapore from Bangkok was terrifying because the whole plane was bobbing up and down in the skies during the turbulence. I’m just glad that I’m back home safe to be able to continue to write and post photos on my blog .


Life is a journey, full of pictures, places, stories and good tasting recipes.

– Greyhound Cafe

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