Themepark Guide to Legoland Malaysia: The Land of Colourful Bricks

Hi, how are you doing? I guess probably one of the reasons why you are reading this blog entry of me was to find out what’s in store for you at Legoland and whether it is a themepark worth visiting, right? For me, once is enough.Like everyone else on the bus from Singapore to Malaysia via the causeway, I was anticipating this colourful wonderland with towering roller coaster rides, enormous structures made up of colourful bricks and bustling activities going on in the park. But, sadly, it was rather barren. The themepark has a pretty flat terrain.  You would have totally no idea that you are approaching Legoland Malaysia until you are standing on flat ground. Nevertheless, it’s still worth a visit if you’d ask me since it’s just right across the causeway, about an hour’s ride from downtown Singapore.(This is inclusive of the time spent to get your passports checked and stamped.)
Help yourself to the Legoland maps while you’re there.
With the girls, we embarked on our trip to Legoland by those tour buses which goes directed to Legoland from Golden Mile Complex. The themepark opens at 10 am and we arrived there around 10.20am and by that time, there were throngs of people queuing up, waiting impatiently to get in. There might be people jostling and pushing to get to the front of the queue, if that happens, just be gracious, turn a blind eye and smile. Afterall, we are just queuing to enter the themepark. It doesn’t matter who gets it first.
If you’re planning to trip to Legoland, congrats because you’ve came to the right place to source for information! Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to visit Legoland over the winter vacation or school holidays.


It’s cheaper to purchase your tickets online. It costs RM105 for adults and RM82.50 for children and seniors. I bought my ticket and bus fare from at $58. The bus picks us up at 9am at Golden Mile Centre and leaves Legoland at 5.45pm. Plenty of time for us to roam around the theme park.
Two Most Scariest and thrilling Rides

1st: The Dragon at Lego Kingdoms 
An adult roller coaster ride with no overturns or huge deep turns but it’s thrilling enough for me who’s not so into theme park rides. This was the first ride we took in the park and after going for the first ride, I’m just not too sure about its safety because there were a couple of moments I felt that I almost got flung out of the dragon if I let go my hands off the bar. Maybe that’s why there’s a shorter queue for this ride?
2nd: Project X 
I did not manage to take this ride because the queue was endless! It has one deep plunge as the climax and the rest is just spending some isolated time circling on top, enjoying a sky high view of the theme park. This is another popular ride with long throng of people waiting to scream at a higher altitude. I never understood why do people love to experience such heart-pounding thrill rides.
Project X 

My Favourite Rides and Attractions:

Kid’s Power Tower – This is where you could pull yourself up the tower by pulling the rope downwards. It’s fun because no other theme parks allows you to pull yourself up!

Rescue Academy at Legoland City – This is one of the most ridiculously fun game ever where you act like a firemen drive the fire engine to the house on fire and pumps bucketful of water to extinguish the fire. All you need to do is to jump up and down as you pump and it’s pretty hilarious to watch a family of four hopping up and down on the faux fire engines and rushing out of the engine with the kids to put out the flame. What a sight! It’s silly but fun! 

Other Attractions:


Be awed by the famous monuments and attractions of countries created by Lego bricks. Lego is one toy that every child should play with. Lego bricks can help children to translate their imagination into something magnificent or creative. Who knows? Maybe they are able to build something like this…

You bet, it’s Singapore!

or this… there’s a little Einstein in every child.

At the centre of the park, you will get to see these miniatures of famous cities and landscapes constructed by Lego bricks. It was quite a sight!

Sometimes I wish I could live in Miniland. Mini buses, mini boats, mini houses and mini me.
I took a photo of this because an elderly man was looking very intent at this Lego Parrot.  There must be something that has caused him to stop in his tracks and examine this beauty closely! Maybe he’s wondering how could this be built simply with Lego bricks? How long it takes to build this? Lego’s such a fascinating toy. I am equally awed by it too.
There isn’t any video arcade games here for the children to play. But there are several game stalls for both children and adult to take some risks and win a stake! How about winning a huge plushie as a souvenir from Legoland? My friend thinks of selling the plushie for a higher price if she wins it!
It seems easy but it’s not easy to toss a bouncy rubber ball into a big green tub which was angled at about 60 degrees. Want to bring home the cow plushie home? My friends tried this game a couple of times but failed to get the ball in.The trick here is to spin the ball as you aim the ball into the bin. That was what I noticed how those winners did it. Don’t tell anyone, alright! This is Deeniseglitz’s top secret!
Each try at the various game stalls ranges from RM6 to RM10. It’s not that cheap for a game token!
This is one of my favourite stations, the Build and Test stations, where the kids could play with Lego bricks and build anything they like. There’s also this ramp built for kids to test how fast their Lego vehicles can move. A contest could even be organised to find out which Lego-built vehicle has the greatest speed! Here the little ones can learn all about physics like speed dynamics, potential energy and kinetic energy. I miss studying those science terms in school. It’s fun being nerdy sometimes.
Check this out! There’s even a toilet repair man standing right outside the loo. Please do not touch it! Imagine how many germs and bacteria got landed on the Lego bricks after everyone finishes their toilet business and steps right out of the toilet to touch the Lego-built toilet bowl!
My watch said 12.30 pm. It’s lunch time! What are the food options here? The price of a hamburger at Legoland does scares me a little. A burger for RM12.50? I was left with no option after realizing that almost every decent food item here costs above RM10. Unless you brought packed food from home.You could always lay out a mat and have a picnic on the grass patch in Legoland. Stash your bag with food and beverages like what my friend did.
But I guess we are not just going to have peas and crackers for lunch.To save some cash, we went to visit a mall which was just right opposite Legoland, about 20 footsteps away. You could exit and enter Legoland anytime as long as you have this blue inked chop stamped on your arm. Don’t forget to have your hands chopped! Oops, I mean get it stamped of course.
There are several food outlets at the mall but everyone loves the chicken at KFC. So, practically everyone from young to old who had a blue-inked ring stamped on their arms, were here licking their fingers off to some good crispy chicken. The chicken here sure tasted more ” chickeny ” than the ones sold in Singapore. There’s just something special about the chickens sold at Malaysia’s KFC.
So after we had our stomachs filled, we took a stroll around the one-level mall which had a couple of ongoing activities like this caricature booth run by 4 awesome caricaturists. For RM15, you could have a self-portrait drawn in 10 minutes and in addition to that, you could tell the artists how you wanted to look. Like what Eunice had told Mr. Caricaturists, ” Oh, can you add some blusher to my cheeks? ” RM15 for a “photoshop-ed” self-portrait which illustrates the prettier and slimmer side of you? That’s a good deal.
I decided not to get my face warped in a way that doesn’t look like me so I chose to watch the artists at work while playing pictionary with my friend, dropping hints of how they will look like on paper and pen. ” Hey, you look great here in the portrait. Your eyes looked much bigger too…”
After the dizzy walk at the mall on a hot Sunday afternoon, we head back to Legoland for more rides but by then, some of us were a little exhausted from the heat. It’s either we are getting old or the excess fat from the chicken which requires more energy from our body for digestion.
Land of Egypt. Doesn’t it look like one of the attractions at Singapore’s Universal Studios?
Every child should not be deprived of a childhood.
Kids love playing with water, don’t they?

Water rides are very popular rides at Legoland. The queue was never shortened for a bit!

Visit for more information.
Happy holidays!

Watch Mr.Lego in action too!

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