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Ye Shanghai, A Pearl in the East- Part 1: Madame Tussauds in Shanghai

Ye Shanghai, A Pearl in the East- Part 1: Madame Tussauds in Shanghai

夜上海 夜上海 

A day after I was back in Singapore from Bangkok, I flew to Shanghai with my family for a winter vacation. This time we’re on a tour package where we spent 8 days and 7 nights travelling around provinces in the near vicinity around the Shanghai municipal with other families. I learnt alot from this trip, especially our chinese roots and culture from the various tour guides we had. They were proud about the Chinese culture and traditions and they believe that China is a country of opportunities. 
I found myself gradually beginning to appreciate Chinese arts and culture after witnessing how talented and hardworking the Chinese were. While I was touring, I also begin to notice the great advancement in development of the country in terms of technology and industry. Shanghai itself has become quite a prosperous city with many talents and resources to offer. It was quite an impressive insight to me!
On our first day of our trip, we visited Madame Tussauds Shanghai at New World Building, along Nanjing Xi Road. My first visit to the wax museum was in Bangkok and after visiting Madame Tussauds for the second time, I guess I had enough out wax figures, really! Some of the wax figures and attractions in the museum were pretty much similar. 

It was a Saturday and the museum was bustling with young Shanghainese snapping pictures away with their latest mobile gadgets. They would hug, kiss and even talk to the wax figures as they would pose confidently for the camera. And because the place was pretty pack, my Mom and I could not even distinguish who is made of wax or …
Here are some wax figurines of famous personalities to look out for while you’re at Tussauds…

Andy Lau

An all-star Chinese actor icon.

Brad Pitt
Hmmm… he looks younger here, don’t you think?

Madame Tussauds
I always wonder who she was…
A quick google search revealed that she’s a wax sculptor. This French lady was Marie Tussaud who had a talent for wax modeling of figures. 
The first Madame Tussauds museum started in London. Awww man, I should have visited the first and original Madame Tussauds museum when I was there!
Lady Gaga
This young and talented women had many people go ‘gaga’ for her music and style.

Barrack Obama
It sure does look like Obama himself!
I wonder if I could have a wax figure of myself displayed at Madame Tussauds one day too…
Fat hope.
Lovely Princess Diana
I could see that the wax scrulptors place alot of effort in this wax figurine. It looks…just like her! 
Michael Jackson
Another stunning piece of art.
Teresa Teng
Her sweet nasal-like resonant voice warms the heart of the many old folks back in Singapore too. A Chinese oldie singer who’s songs are not forgotten, even til today.
Jay Chou
He appears rather short and small in size. How should I testify this? Give me an opportunity to meet my favourite idol face-to-face! I beg you with my freshly-baked cupcakes!
Audrey Hepburn

She is another famous and inspiring personality which I admired for her wise words. After watching her movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and When in Rome, I’ve fallen deeper in love with her outgoing and carefree personality. There must be a reason why I felt an affinity with Audrey Hepburn. Maybe because she was born on 4 May, the very same day I let out my first baby cries in the hospital.

She’s a women of both beauty and brains.

“I’m an introvert…I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees,flowers,the sky.” 
― Audrey Hepburn
We had some time left after the quick visit to the museum which simply bores my Dad who ain’t into wax figurines or art. Since we didn’t had our lunch onboard, our stomachs were growling around 3pm so we went down to the basement of the building and tried their local fastfood eatery, Zhen Gong Fu which sells steamed Chinese food. We ordered a set which comes with a bowl of rice, soup and some herbal chicken slices. 好好吃!
After dinner, we proceeded to Shanghai Circus World to watch the ERA Intersection of time performance, a stunning and extravagant Chinese acrobatic act. We are quite fortunate to have our seats upgraded to the VIP seating area where we witnessed one of the craziest and dangerous acrobatic acts right before our very own eyes.

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