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Ye Shanghai, A Pearl in the East – Part 3: Suzhou and Sha Jia Bang Hairy Crab

Ye Shanghai, A Pearl in the East – Part 3: Suzhou and Sha Jia Bang Hairy Crab
From Shanghai, we travelled to Suzhou, a city which is located in the Northeast of Jiangsu Province.
For lunch, we had a seafood frenzy where we tried Sha Jia Bang’s hairy crabs!
I don’t consider myself a seafood lover and I don’t know how to deshell a crab. The waitress saw my fumbling hands and decided to help me dissct the crab with her bare hands. Well, I wonder if her fingers were germ-free…
The locals over there likes to dip the crab meat in vinegar, which perhaps to cancel out that fishy taste.
 ShaJiaBang – a large ecological wetland in Jiangnan

It’s dark,gloomy and slightly misty. It’s way too cold here. I remembered that my toes almost went numb.

A performing act titled, ” Let The Bullets Fly” at Ancient town.

Wang Shi Yuan
( Master of Nets Garden )

One of Suzhou’s classical gardens listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Intricate carvings 

How on earth did the Chinese do that? Be marveled by how much details and thoughts are placed into building this classical garden.

Take a stroll in the garden, walk along the contours of the pond, as you reflect upon thyself.
Dinner at a restaurant in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park 

This Industrial Park has seems somewhat similar city layout as Singapore. According to the guide, this industrial park has been prospering after the Singapore stakeholders left. What a pity!

One of my favourite Chinese dishes-Sweet and sour crispy fish.


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