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Ye Shanghai, A Pearl in the East – Part 7 : Back to Shanghai

Ye Shanghai, A Pearl in the East – Part 7 : Back to Shanghai
Several pearls found in a oyster!
After touring Nanjing, we went on a 2 hour journey bus ride to Wuxi where we visited this place which sells pearls and pearl-based cosmetics products.
The weather was getting colder over there and we went to several attractions later but it was too cold and misty. At that point in time, I didn’t have the mood to take any pictures when it was so cold,misty and wet. I remembered that it was drizzling!I realise that the weather can be a very important factor or element which could influence your mood, especially when you’re travelling. Luckily, back at home, in Singapore, we only experience hot and wet weather. That’s about it. There’s a beauty about leaving in a four season country but there’s also it’s downsides when you have to brave through and conquer the different and unexpected weather elements.
Back in Shanghai
Shanghai’s a little warmer and the first stop was at Shanghai’s World  Financial Centre which was the second tallest building in the world. We went up to the observation deck.
I’m the 6,333,783 th visitor to go visit the observation deck in this skyscraper.
Unfortunately, we can’t see a thing apart from the glass-made structures, mirored tiles and humans. We can’t see anything beyond the windows except the mist.
But I guess it wasn’t that bad as I came here previously on a school trip and we get to enjoy a spectacular view of downtown Shanghai and the Huang Pu River.
Can’t see Huang Pu River or Shanghai’s Pearl Tower
Clouded in mist.
The Skyscraper is sittinng on marshmellows.
It’s an interesting sight, actually. The tip of the SWFC is missing!



Everything is shrouded in a cloud of mystery.
I can’t see you and you can’t see me.


Xin Tian Di
This place has made me fall in love with Shanghai even more. This is the place to come if you want to experience the night life here in Shanghai. What I typically like about this place is the traditional stone gate houses on narrow alleys. It’s like a maze itself with it’s tiny narrow lanes in between buildings. It felt a little “European” here but this is how Shikumen buildings Shanghai look like 100 years ago. I love the antique-looking walls,tiles and enterior of the building. Everything looks every more romantic when the sky turns dark.


There were also shopping malls at Xin Tian Di.
A fountain that breathes life.
Merry Christmas!It would have been a perfect Christmas date to dine in one of the restaurants here.

Our last night in Shanghai, the guide acceded to the request of one of our tour group members to visit the Bund. It was too windy and cold so not everyone is willing to board down the bus, across the road just to take a picture of the Huang Pu river and the view of city skyline of Shanghai.Still can’t see the Pearl Tower.
It’s covered with tiny droplets of vapour.

Shanghai has become one of the most vibrant cities in the world, along with New York, Tokyo and Paris.
The Bund
It’s either my Canon 650D or my amateur photography skills.The quality of photos is beyond what I’ve expected.

All photos taken during this trip were unedited.

I’m genuinely thinking about coming back to this city again to explore.

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