Baja Fresh Mexican Grill : The Mexican Food Craze and Behind-The-Scenes in the Kitchen!

You know what? I’m getting a little tired of eating,tasting and reviewing cafe food.
Every now and then, there will be this quaint cafe that pops out of those quaint old streets of Singapore offering their best freshly-brewed coffees, delicious egg Benedicts for brunch or decadent red velvet cake for the sweet tooth. I had enough of cafe-hopping or hunting for the best brunch place. 
After that travelling rampant I did during my long vacation break, I was longing to taste and to learn how to appreciate other types of cuisine. Especially after attending the cooking class in Bali, I was inspired to the science behind various types of cuisine!
After returning to Singapore, I knew I needed something else – like a breath of fresh air, tasting something refreshing. The tantalizing spicy green curry and heavenly tropical Balinese pancakes I’ve tasted just me crave for more of such culinary adventure when I travel. Life just needed that dose of excitement and anticipation. Singapore, a melting pot of cultures in Asia, has a lot to offer with its diversity in food and culture.And I was so glad that I was invited to try some real and authentic Mexican food at Baja Fresh Mexican Grill at Rendezvous Hotel! Boy was I excited to hear that this new Mexican fast-food branch is opening more outlets in Singapore!



Located within Rendezvous Hotel, along Bras Basah Road.

Address: Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559
Phone:6337 7300

Any Americans living in the States would have probably heard about this fast-food chain which has about 257 restaurants in 29 over states in the U.S. It has also opened a number of branches in Dubai and recently, it was franchaised to Singapore and the first outlets sit right in Rendezvous Hotel, which is a street across SOTA ( Singapore School of The Arts). It’s conveniently located opposite SMU ( Singapore Management University) campus which is about 10 minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

Let’s count ourselves fortunate that we don’t have to learn to speak Spanish to order Mexican food!

¿Puedo tener un burrito?
( Can I have a burrito?)

So basically at Baja Fresh, all you need is to place your order at the counter where you could order a burrito or quesadilla.


For us Asians, the spicy hot salsa is pretty mild on our palate. But the lime and pico de gallo is sufficient to give the food a real Mexican kick that I don’t need anymore chilies for that!


Lime juice really helps to whey our appetite. You can’t stop the acidity from the lime from tickling your tastebuds! That is why most dishes are usually garnish with lime juice. It does wonders, really.
Taquito with Char-Siu (Pork)


Extra crunchy on the outside. It tasted like our Chinese fried spring roll! There’s always this overlapping, cross-cultures in the various cuisines. Just like how Vietnamese has their own version of Spring rolls too!



It looks rather same on photographs right ? But believe me, it’s HUGE!


 I couldn’t finish the whole Burrito on my own!


Quesadilla with Shrimps

Grilled flour tortilla, Jack Cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo,sour cream and Shrimp

This is our table’s favourite. Why? Because the quesadilla is so cheesy and the shrimps tasted really fresh and succulent! This dish is tailor-made for all Cheese lovers.


I am part of the Cheese lover community too! Nothing can go wrong with cheese!


With every mains you order, a complimentary bowl of Nachos will be served. So while you are waiting for your Burrito to be served, you can munch on to some Nachos with dipping sauce available at the salsa bar.


The different types of complimentary sauces, dips and garnish you get at the salsa bar to go with your Mexican food. Don’t you love that idea that the sauces and salsa are free-flow?

Enchilado Style

Chicken Burrito and chips smothered in red chile sauce and melted Jack cheese with sour cream and pico de gallo.


Now I understood why Mexicans love to drink alcohol with food. The Margarita just really goes well with the shrimp quesadilla and burritos!


The mains – Burrito or quesadilla is priced between SGD11 to SGD15 depending on the types of fillings like chicken, Char-Siu (pork), veggies or Mahi-Mahi ( a kind of fish) you choose. The portions are really huge so you can practically share it between two people.  In terms of value-wise, it’s a pretty good deal for Mexican food which is freshly prepared. Mexican food offered in other restaurants in town don’t often come very cheap. It can be pretty costly as some of the ingredients are imported.


This is an exclusive Behind-the-Scenes, right in the Kitchen at Baja Fresh Mexican Grill where I get to watch the cooks and staff at work. On a normal basis, not every public member can walk in here, can they? But the next time should I come again, I do hope I could have a hands-on experience to make my very own Quesadilla!





Nachos, anybody?


Pools of dips and sauces!


Baja Fresh Mexican Grill also offers Holiday Party Packs!
Mexican food serve right up to your doorstep!

Head over to Baja Fresh for some tasty and healthy Burritos! I would love to come back for more Mexican food. But this time I’m need to call more friends along so that I could try the various mains.I’ve yet to try the Fajitas which is another popular Mexican dish. 
I’m also inspired to start making my own Burritos at home as I’m totally into this Mexican food craze right now. Do watch out this space!  🙂

Thank you Anant for the generosity and great hospitality!

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559
Phone:6337 7300
Tuesday hours 11:00 am–11:00 pm
Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut Station

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Website 

Look at the map below to find out how to get there!


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