Humming’s Chinese New Year Collection 2013 : CNY Gift Hampers

It was only about a week after the Christmas season and the whole town was already painted in red, all ready to usher in the new year ! According to the Chinese Lunar Calender, the start of the year begins on the 10th of February this year. And a couple of days after Chinese New Year, it’s the lover’s long-awaited day of the year – Valentine’s Day. With so many festive events happening at the start of the year, it just gives us more reasons to come together with our families,friends and also colleagues and throw a big celebration or gathering. Just like Christmas, Chinese New Year is also a time of giving with the exchange of red packets ( or Ang Pows) and mandarin oranges among the Chinese. During this time, it is also popular for the Chinese to send Chinese New Year Hampers to one another as a token of appreciation and blessings for the New Year.

I remembered how I love unwrapping Chinese New Year hampers given from my Dad’s business partners or friends when I was much younger. There are just too many goodies stuffed in the hamper and it is always a joy to discover all the yummy ” munch-able” goodies like Pineapple tarts and love letters which I adore!

So when Humming Flowers and Gift, one of the leading gifting companies in Singapore, specially delivered a Twin Celebration Hamper (worth $88) to my doorstep, I couldn’t resist but to make a beeline to the kitchen and grab a huge kitchen scissors – Time to unravel the goodies in this hamper ! I not only have to unwrap one but two hampers! Double the goodies, double the joy. If only everything comes in two in real life… Then I would have double laptop, double bed and double income! Fat hope.


What’s in it?

Handpainted Prosperity Musical Blossom (activated by motion sensor)

Bird’s Nest with Wild Ginseng and white fungus and rock sugar (2 x 70 g)

Skylight Golden Giant Top Shell 425g

Skylight Supreme Abalone Stock 420g

Kouga Whole Wheat Egg Roll 144g

Selected Wolfberries King 100g

Skylight selected Fish Maw 30g

Wang San Yang Tikuanyin Tea 75g

Selected Flower Mushroom 60g

Rainbow Brand XO Satay Powder 150g

Fatt Choy 10g

Everything packed neatly in Humming’s exclusive floral baskets!


The unwrapping process was a breeze because it was so neatly and cleverly packed in such a way that it minimizes the need of using adhesive tape which often ends up as waste. It takes about a minute or so to unravel all the good stuff found in the hamper.

The flower has a beautiful cheery colour which I could use it to decorate the house. It would be lovely to fill the floral baskets with mandarin oranges after unwrapping the hamper.


It’s quite a spread and great value for money!

Twin Celebration ( Worth SGD 88)
SGD 94.16 with GST


After unwrapping the hamper, there’s one particular item which really piques my interest – Handpainted Prosperity Musical Blossom which is activated by motion sensor. It’s akin to a musical box which plays a Chinese New Year Festive melody. How cool is that? Other than the exclusive Humming floral baskets and auspicious festive decoratives, this prosperity musical blossom is something I could keep and hang it at the corridor. And whenever someone walked pass it, the musical blossom will sound and greet the visitors with the sound of firecrackers and auspicious Chinese New Year greetings. Though I could imagine their pleasantly-surprised expressions if they are caught off-guard by the loud welcome greetings from the musical blossom!


I especially like this hamper because it has my all-time favourite Egg Roll and XO Satay Powder which I could whip up something special for the family during our reunion dinner! In fact most of the food items in this hamper could be used to make delicious soup which Grandma usually cooks for our reunion dinner.
Other Hampers in the Chinese New Year Collection

1) Reunion Hampers 喜慶團圓

The Reunion Hampers hold ready-to-eat goodies along with Chinese delicacies to be simmered and cooked in a clay pot for reunion dinner.  Some of the goodies include New Moon NZ Abalone 425g, Dried Scallops 40g, Japanese Flower Mushrooms 150g, Fatt Choy 10g and Isabelle Passion Cookie Gift Box all the way from Hong Kong!


Prosperity Twin Blessings 富貴雙喜

This hamper comes in a classy and auspicious packaging and it is filled with Segelboot Cordon XO Cognac 35cl, New Moon NZ Abalone 425g, Brands Bird‟s Nest with Rock Sugar 42gx6, High Grade Whole Ginseng 1pc, New Moon Razor Clams 425g, Japanese Flower Mushroom 150g and many more.

Good news readers!

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Terms and Conditions

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