Krabi, Thailand Travelogue: Day 3 – Island Hopping with James Bond

Island-hopping Day!
We visited 3 islands, spending an hour at each island.


Our half-day tour begins at Ao Nang Beach.

There’s no jetty. We simply just board the speedboat at the shore.


That was another episode of turbulence when the speedboat goes really fast and I was screamed whenever the waves came crashing against our boat. But I manage to survive the short boat rides by standing upride. It felt much better standing than sitting. Think surface area.
How fast? The speedboat was cruising through the waters and I felt like I was in a James Bond movie riding on the speedboat, chasing after some bad guys.


With water so blue, 
And the sky so blue
My heart turns blue too.
I’m feeling so blue.
I couldn’t help but feeling so poetic while frolicking in the beach. I wish I had a paper and pen with me so that I could do some sketching or poem-writing.

Floating Cafes on Long-tail boats

My favourite photo of the day!

My secret hide-out. A gate-way to Paradise.


More James Bond adventures on board.


Then, we had a 30 minutes open sea snorkelling here. But the waters were really murky and we could not see the corals.

What’s he doing?

He’s tossing watermelo slices into the sea to lure the fishes.

I had lots of fun feeding these hungry fishes too!


I would have taken the longtail boat over the speedboat for a less bumpy ride.

Lunchtime at Chicken Island!

Lunch was included in our day tour package. We paid 600 baht each vie speedboat. If you’ve chosen the longtail boat, it would cost you 400 baht for a half-day tour with inclusive of lunch.


Each person was entitled to 2 pieces of drumsticks.
For the sides, we had green curry and boiled vegetables.


Thai Iced milk tea


This island is rather unique. Why? Because you’ve got waves crashing in from opposite directions along the shoreline. You also see throngs of tourists walking across both islands with seawater rising up to their knees. But do becareful of the sharp rocks at the bottom. It can be painful!

Peace and Serenity

I think all the islands around Phuket and Krabi looks pretty much the same. Clear blue sky with super crystal clear waters.


Poda Island 

It’s a private island owned by who-shall-not-be named. All tourists visiting this island need to contribute 10 baht to the fund used to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. According to the guide, this island is only open to tourists during certain periods of the year.


Enjoying the view while lying down on the beach mat.


Ruan Thip Restaurant 
( in Krabi Town)

After the island tour, we return to our hotel for a hot shower and then left for Krabi Town by a mini bus . The driver charged us 100 baht per pax for a return trip ( from Ao Nang to Krabi) and he even drove us to a local Thai restaurant for a sumptous dinner. Later, he also drove us to a shopping area where we did some last minute shopping on our last night in Krabi. Then, he waited for us and drove us back to our resort in Ao Nang, which is about 30 minutes away from Krabi Town. He displayed great attitude in serving his passengers and we were so thankful to have him as our driver. I highly recommend him as a driver-cum-tour guide at Ao Nang! His name is Nui and his contact number is 085-790 9854.

By advertising their services or company on my blog, is the least I can do to help the locals who were trying to make ends meet. They were not only sincere, but also genuine in helping the tourists to have a pleasant stay here.

Live music at the restaurant

The mango salad rocks!


This restaurant is well-known for their pork knuckles! You got to try it if you’re here!


Tom yam soup served in a hot clay pot.

I’m loving every dish that came from the kitchen in this restaurant!


It was the best meal I had so far in Krabi.


Must try beverage – Coconut shake!

Unforunately, they didn’t have a namecard which was printed in English. The namecard they gave me was all printed in Thai. But I guess you could always ask around for this restaurant in Krabi called Ruan Thip!

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