Krabi, Thailand Travelogue: Day1 – Little Krabian Soldiers

Three Krabian Nights

Things started on the wrong note when the flight from Singapore to Krabi was a traumatising experience for me and ten other friends. From the minute the plane took off, the plane has been shaking, bobbing up and down in the skies. I wonder why. It’s either the aircraft, pilot of simply the bad weather conditions. It was raining just before the plane took off but the rain has ceases to a slight drizzle   fifteen minutes after.

Once again, I was clinging onto the armrest for life. I felt my heart trembled along with the engines of the plane. Looking out of the window, I was staring blanking at its wings which shook slightly. For a moment, I really thought the plane was going to shatter into pieces. I prayed and prayed. I prayed that God will not end my life so soon without giving the opportunity to fulfil my dreams. I’m not exaggerating here. I’m just so afraid of death.

Take away my fear, O Lord. But tears were already welling up in my eyes as I held on tightly to my seat.

So maybe God heard my prayers and decided that I should make a detour from the gates of the other dimension and continue to walk along the arcs of the Earth. All I wanted to do was to travel around the globe safely and return back home in one piece. I couldn’t be more grateful to have land safely in Krabi with the other 10 Krabian soldiers.


Before the terror begins.


Our little island get-away
I couldn’t wait to hop off the plane. After going through the immigration checks, we were greeted with a smile by the driver arranged by our hotel to pick us up from the airport.
Krabi is a town, located down south-west of Thailand. This is a town with a scenic backdrop against the ever blue sky. The town has this ridge of hills or highlands which made Krabi so unique.


Haleeva Sunshine

445 Moo 2 Aonang Muang Krabi 
81000 Thailand 


It was about a 30 minutes long ride from the Airport to Ao Nang, a coastal province in Krabi in which we will stay throughout our trip in Krabi.


Double Bed Room
The estimated cost was about $30 plus per person per night. The room was well-furnished with cabinets, safety box, TV and a mini fridge. It also has a small balcony with chairs and a table.


A few shophouses away from our hotel, towards Ao Nang beach, is this modern boutique guesthouse which is owned by a Singaporean. It also offers spa services too. It’s one of the eye-catching modern guesthouses around in Ao Nang. If you’re looking for a modern and chic place to stay, Ao Nang Haven might be your answer.


This is the main street that leads to the beach. Along the streets, there were several shops selling beachwear and batik long dresses. There were also plenty of restaurants and cafes selling from western, Thai to Indian food.
In the vicinity, there’s also McDonalds, 7-11 and many other convenience stores around. It takes us about 15 to 20 minutes to walk from our hotel to Ao Nang beach.


Tanta’s Thai Restaurant at Ao Nang Beach


Do you even call this Phad Thai? 

The food here was rather dissapointing. But thankfully,our choice of restaurants and eateries got better each day.


We end our first night in Krabi by Ao Nang beach, watching the long-tail boats floating by the shore while the tide comes in. But the night was still young. We explored the street along Ao Nang for an hour and we manage to book our day tours with the tour agents at the travel booths. There are plenty of  such travel booths along the streets and each agent offers competitive prices which were way cheaper than the ones started on the online websites and even the brochures. It’s always better to book your tours or sea sports activities at these travel booths if you want a good deal.

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