Miracle Bio Water by Bio-essence : Water Does Wonders for Your Skin

Sawatdii Kah! I just came back from my beach vacation at Krabi, Thailand and I couldn’t wait to share with you this latest product by Bio-essence, called Bio Spring water which is now one of my daily skincare essentials. This Bio Spring water or Miracle Bio water is actually cool spring water that has a soothing, anti-irritation and calming effect. It is similar to a facial and hair mist that helps to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin cells.
This canned mineral water mist spray only contains the Bio Spring water and nitrogen! Bio-essence spring water is actually spring water combined with Bio-energy fluid through the use of Bio-technology. The Bio-spring water itself is rich in trace minerals that accelerates skin healing process and also, hydrates the skin to improve skin texture. The trace minerals also helps to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation.

I brought this product along with me to Krabi since it might be quite handy as the weather in Krabi is very hot and dry during the day. I would spray it on my face after a shower and gently pat the Bio-spring water into my skin during the four days I spent in Krabi. I’m quite surprise by how fast the product gets absorb into the skin as compared to other brands of facial mist.Whenever my friend had a sunburnt, I spray the Bio-spring water all over the affected area and after ten minutes, her skin appeared less red as the spring water helps to soothe the skin. It’s must-have if you’re going to sunbathe at the beach!

After a few minutes of application, my skin felt more hydrated and refreshed. In my opinion, this works even better than most moisturizers which contains humectants that only prevent the loss of moisture from skin cells while the Bio-spring water actually hydrates the skin cells.

Over time, my skin become slightly clearer and I noticed that the pores at my T-zone area have reduced in size. I remembered that a beauty therapist once told me that once your skin is well-hydrated, your skin would look healthier and suffer from fewer skin problems such as acne. The enlarged pores would also be refined if your skin is well-moisturized. In fact, the way to achieve healthy and radiant skin is to sufficiently hydrate and moisture your skin. This includes drinking lots of water and applying moisturizers,hydrating lotions or using water facial mist on your skin.

What’s amazing about this product is how versatile this product is. It can used on the face, body and even hair! It helps to relieve dryness and split ends on the hair.It could also be used to set the make-up and to also give your skin a natural look after make-up. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and it is gentle enough to be used on babies too!

Product Benefits

For the Body: refreshes and soothes skin after exercise, sooths and calms damaged skin, under a hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin.

For Babies: Soothes diaper rashes.


This product comes in three sizes: 25ml (SGD 5.90), 100ml (SGD12.90) and 300ml (SGD28.90)


For those who would love to try out this amazing, here’s your chance to win a travel-sized Bio-essence Spring Water worth SGD5.90.

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Miracle water that does wonders.

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