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OSIM uPhoria – The 6-Hands Leg Massager

Two days ago, I was trekking through the muddy rice paddy fields and hilly areas in Ubud, Bali and my legs and calves were now aching from that long and treacherous walk. I thought I might need some foot massage or reflexology to relieve the tension built up in my calves before I return to Singapore but there wasn’t sufficient time for me to do so. But guess what, it must have been a blessing when the OSIM delivery man came to my door step with a big grin and a huge carton which contains the world’s first Tui-Na leg massager, OSIM uPhoria.

Tui-Na: A method of therapeutic massage based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicines.

OSIM uPhoria
“The most comprehensive and advanced leg massager for your calves, ankles and feet.” – OSIM

As a official blogger for Marina Bay Countdown Singapore, I was given the opportunity to try out a product from OSIM, which is also the official prize sponsor for the Marina Bay Countdown’s photo competition. If you happen to be able to capture beautiful shots on the day of countdown itself, this is a great opportunity for you to take part in the photo competition to win attractive prizes such as OSIM usoffa,OSIM uPhoria and many more! Send your entries by 6 Jan 2013 at Marina Bay Singapore Countdown website for a chance to win these amazing products from OSIM.


All I did was to plug in the power plug into the socket, switch on the turn-on button and select the type of massage I would like to try. I started off with the “relax” mode and goodness, it felt like there were 3 pairs of strong hands massaging my leg – one pair to massage my aching calves, one pair to squeeze and knead to ankles and lastly, another pair to massage the vital points on the soles of my feet.


My favourite mode: Toning

I really like the massage and kneading at the soles of my feet as the pressure applied is just right. It’s amazing how it actually felt like there was a masseur massaging your feet with hands. That’s like having a foot reflexology massage or foot spa right at the comfort in your own home.

The OSIM uPhoria applies this gliding deep-tissue massage at the calves which is a bitter-sweet sensation for me. A little pain but at the same time it reliefs the sores and aches in my calf muscles.


5-in-1 leg massage 

1. Tui Na massage at the calves
2. Wrap-around power squeeze massage at the ankles
3. Roller Reflexology massage at the soles of your feet
4.Vibration massage to stimulate blood circulation
5.Warmth therapy to melt away sore and tension

My Dad is also loving the OSIM uPhoria! Everyone in my family would use it while watching TV and reading newspapers or magazines.

Other than massaging the legs to relieve tension and relief leg sores, this gadget could also help you to tone and slim your legs! Watch the Youtube video below to find out more.

OSIM uPhoria could also help to moisturize your legs! The massaging of the leg can promote better absorption of the moisturizing product into the skin.

For more information on this product, visit OSIM website.

Have you watched this TV commercial for OSIM  uPhoria?


Thank you, OSIM.

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