What’s new in my bathroom? : Biore’s Skin Caring Cleanser Series

What’s new in my bathroom?
This time I’ve been introduced to Biore’s new facial foam series – the Mild facial foam for baby soft smooth skin and the scrub for radiant refined skin!
Besides the lemongrass body scrub and frangipani body butter I’ve bought in Bali, I’ve included these two facial foams as part of my bucket of toiletries I used on a daily basis.
Since I’ve a combination of dry and oily skin, I opted for the mild facial cleanser which is suitable for normal to combination skin types. This is my go-to facial cleanser in the morning and during the day whenever I felt the need to cleanse off the dirt and grease on my face. Before returning to my sacks, I would use the scrub to gently scrub off the dead skin cells and cleanse the skin pores before applying any hydrating lotion or moisturizer.
A good facial cleanser should remove dirt and remnants of make-up effectively so that it could not clog the pores which would results in pimples. But it should not be too harsh to the extent that it dries out the skin, leaving your skin feeling taut. And essentially, those are the properties I look out for in facial cleansers. I would usually purchase gel-base cleaner instead of cream or foam-based because gel-base is always gentle on the skin and it is not very drying on the skin. But with today’s advancement in technology and improvement in the skincare and beauty industry, alot of brands are coming up with newly-improved skincare products which have improved efficacy and greater benefits.One such example is Biore’s new skin caring cleansing series. The mild foam cleanser effectively removes dirt and oil without stripping  the moisture off the skin, leaving the skin moist, smooth and soft. Even the scrub, which has ultra fine beads, helps to refine the skin by cleansing the enlarged pores, preventing it from getting clogged. Pores which are unclogged, will over time, reduce in size and thus resulting in a more refine skin.
What’s new ?
Lovely pleasant-smelling products which lifted up my mood and made me happy as I cleanse my face. Doesn’t it just make you want to wake up from bed early to use something which smells so pleasant in your face? Not only it rejuvenates my skin, it also improves my skin texture and keeping it smooth and soft. 
The consistency of the Biore’s Mild facial cleanser is rather watery and runny which is good in the sense that it requires less water for it to foam up before you massage the foam onto your skin. 
The directions on the tube recommended users to squeeze out about 3cm long of product ( as you squirt the product out from the tube) but all it requires is about 1.5cm to 2cm long of product for me foam up and cleanse my face sufficiently. Economical speaking, this product should be able to last you for several months before you visit the drugstores to shop for another cleanser.

Remember, an effective and thorough cleansing requires you to massage your face with the product in circular,upward motions for at least 1 minute. It also takes some time for you skin to absorb the essence of the product so that you could reap its full benefits.

Facial scrub can do wonders to your skin. The main skin problem I’m facing right now is enlarged pores which actively secretes sebum. It might not be possible to simply rely on a sole product to reduce the pore size but using a good cleanser and a gentle scrub can greatly control the oil and sebum production and prevent other possible skin conditions such as acne or dry skin. 
Essentially, both the facial scrub and cleaner helps to rebalance the skin by reducing oil production at the T-zone ( nose and forehead areas) and replenish moisture at the U-zones (cheeks and chin areas).
The ultra microbeads is gently enough on the skin to be use on a daily basis. However for people with very sensitive skin, it is advisable that they use the facial scrub on a weekly basis instead.
For those who are suffering from blemished skin, I suggest that you use gentle cleansing foams such this latest facial foam and scrub by Biore.
You don’t have to use alot of skincare products or expensive high-end skincare brands to achieve good skin. All you need is to understand your current skin conditions, use skin products that is suitable for your skin type and seek someone professional if you are facing severe skin conditions.
If you would like me to write a post on my skincare routine and about how I battle with my acne and skin problems, do leave a comment below! 

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