BioNike Defence B-Lucent : Scrub off those Spots


About two weeks ago, I was invited to the BioNike’s official launch of their B-Lucent range at The Spa-Lon. It was a cosy event for the bloggers where we sat cosily on the couch, listening to the experts from BioNike who shared with us about BioNike’s brand philosophy and its products.

Little did I know that BioNike is an Italian skincare brand created in the 1960s by a pharmaceutical company called Icim International. Their products are based on a “allergen-free philosophy” whereby their products contain no preseveratives, no fragrances, no gluten and no nickel tested.Thus, their products are highly suitable for those with senstive, allergic and reactive skin. If you’ve very sensitive skin and have been searching high and low for a suitable product, you might want to try BioNike which is finally available in Singapore!


BioNike’s Defence B-Lucent Range – A Solution for dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Fighting against dark spots :

This product range contains both methyl gentisate and lipoamino acid that help counters melanin production.

Illuminate the skin, as well as fading dark spots : 

The combination of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) and PHAs (poly-hydroxy acids) helps to lighten spots and brighten up the skin by stimulating cell renewal.


Besides taking great care the skin on your face, do remember to show some love for the skin on your hands and neck especially! The skin on those areas aged especially faster. With sufficient hydration and protection from the sun, your skin can stay young and supple. Be equipped with a hand cream, all the time!


BioNike Deference B-Lucent Range consists of :

Defence B-Lucent Day Peeling 
(Facial Cleanser)
Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Concentrate 
(Intensive treatment)
Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Face Cream SPF15 
(Hydration and Protection)
Defence B-Lucent Roll-on Focus 
( Intensive treatment)
Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Hands Cream SPF20  
(Hydration and Protection)

For more information on BioNike’s B-Lucent range, please click here.

Chocolate cupcakes from Twelve cupcakes for a sweet treat! Though I wish there was something savoury for me…

The whole event ended off on a special note where each of us were given a pink gift box set containing 2 products from BioNike’s Deference B-Lucent range – Defence B-Lucent Day Peel and Roll-On Focus! What was really intriguing was the fact that they actually included a pink rubber glove and green scrub which resembles to the props used by the model in their advertisement as shown below. Well, it does add a fun element to it because for a moment I thought the scrub was a facial scrub that is to be used with the Day Peel Cleanser…Silly me.

My Product Verdict:
Defence B-Lucent Day Peeling
I contemplated as to whether I could use this product on my skin as I do not suffer from any dark spots or pigmentation. But after doing some research on my own, I realised that uneven skin tone and post acne pigmentation ( which I am currently suffering from ) are also forms of hyperpigmentation as well. Hence, I decide to use both products eventually on my skin. The Day Peel was creamy but light and gentle on the skin. What I like about this cleanser is it’s gentle exfoliating effect which provides immediate radiance to the face. Although it is creamy, it does not dries out the skin or strips off the natural oil on the skin. I even get my Mom to use it and she really likes the fact that this Day Peel serves as a 2-in-1 cleanser : cleanse and exfoliate.
Defence B-Lucent Roll-on Focus 
This product enables precise application of product on specific targeted areas on the skin. What I like about this product is that the product dries up quickly after application so I don’t have to use my fingers to dab the product in. After about  2 weeks of application, the results were not very significant but my skin tone seems to be more even and brighter. Perhaps, it takes more time for the product to take effect. To start off with, I also didn’t have very dark or obvious spots on my face, only light pigmented scars which explains why the results aren’t significant. 
Maybe the green scrub used by the model could help to scrub off those nasty spots?


Natural fruit acids (e.g lime juice) can help to lighten dark spots by removing dead skin cells and aiding cell turnover

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Would you like to sample some of Bionike’s products? Here’s how you could redeem a sample.

Simply ‘like’ BioNike SG Facebook page and write in your particulars (name, IC, address, email) and send it to This sampling campaign will end on 24 March 2013.Samples are on while stock last basis.

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