DIY Chocolate Bar with Cocoa B : A Cocoa Surprise for Your Valentine

What a week it has been for me! With piles of assignments to complete and presentations to prepare, I got caught up in this crazy swirl of hustling and bustling madness. But thank goodness, exercising and hitting the gym have helped me alot in putting my mind off work. I just needed a break…to refresh my senses. It’s almost as if as God has sense that all I need is probably a little treat to boost my morale during this tough time. Yes indeed, I was delighted to receive my chocolate creation from Cocoa B on that very cool and windy night after I came back from a media dinner event at Gardens by the Bay. A dose of chocolate is what I need to perk myself up.


Cocoa B, an online chocolate boutique, providing you with an avenue to express your creativity with chocolates.

Unlike any other chocolatiers around, Cocoa B. allows you to customize your own chocolate bar, from the type of chocolates to the variety of toppings which includes dried fruits and nuts, you are left with the liberty to choose what you like that suits your taste and style.

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Cocoa B’s website – Create Your Chocolate 
(A snapshot of the website)

When I was Cocoa B’s website to order my chocolate creation, I had spent quite a bit of time to decide the type of chocolate I want. The truth is I love both dark and white chocolate. If only I could have both though! But I selected white chocolate over dark chocolate because I figured that my chocolate would look aesthetically more pleasing with the toppings I had chosen in mind!

 Even though I would love to squeeze in like my ten favourite toppings into my chocolate bar, I knew it would look more like messy piece of art if I’ve added all my favourite nuts in. So I decided to be good and stick with 5 toppings, the maximum number of toppings you can select on the website. I selected almonds (for its Vitamin E content), dried strawberries (for its fruit fibre) ,wolf berries ( or Goji berries for its antioxidants), dark heart-shape chocolate ( so I could enjoy dark and white chocolate at the same time!) and cinnamon. I love cinnamon so how could I not pick it as a topping? Besides, it goes really well with the white chocolate. A dash of spice could really jazz up your life!

Each chocolate bar weighs about 100g and it measures 15.5 by 7.7 by 0.9 cm.

Made in the kitchen,
Wrapped with love.

This definitely serves as a beautiful and affordable gift for anyone. Most importantly, it’s unique and can be found nowhere because it’s created by you.

 In fact, my chocolate bar creation look too perfect and neat that I could not bear to break or snap it apart. But it also looks so appetizing that I couldn’t resist…

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, ordering a chocolate bar at Cocoa B is one of the test of love –   selecting the right combination of chocolate with toppings that tickles your partner’s tastebuds guarantees you a high score. But if all things fail, you could always rely on the sweetness in the chocolate to soothe the bitterness.
Ready for a test of love?

Visit Cocoa B’s website  to create your personalized chocolate bar today.

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