Healthy Recipes: Tuna Avocado Tortilla Wrap

I woke up this morning wondering whether I should have oats with apples again or a slice of bread. Just as I thought my life was going mundane again, I thought that maybe I could make a quick wrap for breakfast before I head out to the gym for classes. Since I bought a canned of tuna soaked in olive oil, wholemeal tortilla and avocado from the supermarket last night, why not make creat this tuna avocado tortilla wrap? 
Adding slices of avocado into a sandwich or wrap is still something new to me but I’ve tried eating those sandwich stuffed with avocado and bacon at Jones the Grocer’s before. But I never knew that tuna actually goes super well with avocado which had that nice buttery taste to it. This had to be one of the most delicious wrap I’ve ever made for myself. Before you label me as a braggart, try this recipe for yourself and witness the heavenly combination of tuna, cheese and avocado.


Since I had a couple of mushrooms soaked in water overnight in the fridge, I decided to steam it and stuff it into my wrap for that added fibre.
Avocado is known for their high fat content which most dieters would avoid but I believe since avocados is afterall a natural fruit harvested from the nature, it sure does more good than harm if you eat it in moderation. You don’t have to avoid high fat or high carb fruits just because they might increase the fat level content in your body. Besides, avocado is mostly monosaturated fats and it is also rich in Vitamin E which is a supplement for the skin. But of course, just add a small chunk into the wrap. You don’t have to eat the whole avocado.

Diced avocado
Cheese slice


It’s quick and easy. Takes me like 5 mins to get everything prepared.


Canned tuna in olive oil.

I had some qualms about buying a can of tuna in the supermarket because of the very fact that it is canned. I could get some fresh salmon but it’s expensive. I could get frozen tuna but that means I need to spend some time cooking it. But hopefully, I could make a full switch from canned tuna to fresh fish or meat.


The avocados I bought were slightly unripe but it tastes great anyway. It’s great for a hairmask too. Speaking of which, I might write an entry about making your own DIY hairmask.


Mushrooms soaked overnight in water.


Afraid tha the wrap might turn out dry, I decided to squirt some chili sauce over. Yes I know! Sodium! But I love Chili and it’s hard for me to cut down on the chili sauce.


Done! All nicely wrapped!


Sliced it into half if you like.

Great for packed lunches. I mean it’s definitely way healthier that the food sold at our local kopitiams and food courts.

Enjoy and stay healthy!

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