Healthy Tapas: Meiji Crackers with Salmon Spread and Greek Yoghurt

Meiji Wholemeal Crackers with Salmon Spread and Greek Yoghurt
I’ve bought a huge 1-kg tube of Dairy Farmers’ Greek yoghurt and have been using it as a substitute for cheese and mayonnaise for sandwiches and wraps. It’s also the perfect substitute any basic creamy sauce – from salad sauce to salsa dip. I’m adsolutely in love with Greek yoghurt for its versatility and health factor. But what is Greek yoghurt essentially? How is it different from plain yoghurt?
Greek yoghurt is made when you remove the whey (liquid) from ordinary plain yoghurt. The strainning of the liquid results the yoghurt having a thicker and creamier  in texture. It also tasted less sour than plain yoghurts because most of the lactic acid stored in the whey is removed.
Rather than adding dried fruits, berries or granola to Greek yoghurt, I prefer pairing it with savoury food stuff like crackers, walnut bread or salad because of it’s light savoury cheese taste. Even when I’m eating slices of bread, I would dip the bread in to soak up all the rich and creamy goodness. Who says you can’t eat like a queen and indulge in fine food even as you’re sticking to a healthier diet?

Well, I was advised to avoid eating processed and canned food, but it is pretty time consuming to make your own salmon spread and Greek yoghurt. For a start, it would be good to consume such foods which are high in protein or rich in omega 3 fatty acids to get your body acquired to such a diet. I’ve been sticking to tuna and salmon for a week now and I am starting to witness the changes in the way I feel and eat. My body now naturally crave for food which are high in fibre and low in fat.



Meiji Wholemeal crackers
Dairy Farmers’ Greek Yoghurt
Salmon Spread ( Ayam Brand)
Chinese Coriander

Spread half a teaspoon of salmon spread on the crackers and add a dallop of Greek yoghurt in any amount you like. ( I usually add about a teaspoonful of it because I really like that slightly sourish but creamy taste of the yoghurt.) Garnish it with some coriander. Enjoy this healthy tapas when you invite your friends over!


Simple yet delicious and refreshing to the tastebuds.

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