How I Salvaged My Super Dry and Damaged Hair

I went for facials and spent a substantial amount of time pampering my skin. But these days… no I mean these months, I’ve been neglecting the condition of hair. The texture of my hair felt no different from the bristles of the sweeping broom. What’s worse is that I kept losing my hair strands. It did left me in the state of worry when I have to clear up the hair strands left on the floor after combing my hair.
But before you label me as a lazy bum, I have to justify the fact that I’ve tried several products – from hair mask to serum, on my hair to treat my damaged hair but everything just didn’t work.
At the point when I was about to give up and leave it to nature and fate to repair my damaged tresses, I found this organic hair and bath brand called Organix which might be of some help to salvage my tresses before I started losing every single strand of my hair.
I picked up Organix’s Cherry Blossom Ginseng shampoo at Watson’s one day while shopping for hair products. In fact, I’ve been always wanted to try this product but I couldn’t afford to lay my hands on Organix’s shampoos after I saw the price tag. Other home brand shampoos cost a fraction lesser than Organix’s shampoo for the same amount of quantity.
So why I decided to eventually buy it? Because I’m trying to live a natural and organic lifestyle – eating organic and using organic products. Though Organix’s product might not be that organic based on the number of chemicals found in its ingredients list, but at least it incorporates ingredients found in nature and it does not contain harmful chemicals like paraben. It also contains no lauryl or laureth sulfates which can be rather drying on the hair. Since it is pH balanced, gluten-free,gentle on colour treated or highlighed hair and animal cruelty-free, I thought why not give it a try? There are too many reasons as to why I shouldn’t say no to this product.

Who knows, it might be worth the money. And sure, it did! The shampoo smells great and it lingers on my hair after one wash. My hair becomes slightly softer and more manageable too.

Well, this product would not have emerged as WOMEN’s weekly’s Best Beauty Buys 2013 Winner for no reason right…


On one hand, some might deem that this product as organic because it contains no lauryl or laureth sulfates which can be rather drying on the hair. It is also paraben free, pH balanced, gluten-free and gentle on colour treated or highlighed hair. For those who are against using products tested on animals, be rest assured that Organix products are animal cruelty-free.
Since the shampoo worked quite well for me, I thought I might want to try their hair serums or treatment oils. I went back to Watson’s again and bought the Moroccan Argan oil – Extra Penetrating oil for dry and coarse hair. There’s another version of the product for dry and fine hair which might suit me better since I had fine hair. But I figured that the extra penetrating oil might be denser and thicker in consistency which would be a better treatment option for my badly damaged hair.
Argan oil seems to be a pretty popular ingredient in most hair or skincare products. It’s actually a moisturizing oil for both hair and skin. In fact, I’m really into Argan oil products that I even bought an Argan oil product for my skin.


All I needed was 2 droplets of oil to soften my tresses further after shampooing. I also notice that my hair strands were strengthened after using it several times. At last, I am starting to see that glimmer of hope in salvaging my poor hair.

Show some love for your tresses too! 

Start by getting the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. And do a hair mask on a weekly basis especially if your hair has been chemically treated before. For a healthy shiny mane,  use hair serums or hair conditioning oils like Olive oil and Argan oil.
To find out more about Organix products, I’ve included the link to the website right below. Hope this review’s been useful for you!

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