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I’ve made a new life commitment recently – to live by nature. And what it actually means is to heighten the connection between the mind and body so as to achieve a good state of health. This requires me to stay committed in feed my body with healthy and nutritious food for energy and to exercise so as to increase my body flexibility and the ability of my mind to control my body and reflexes. It’s more than just a diet or to lose the flabs but it’s all about living the way which God has wanted us to live.

I did not attempt to install all these changes in hope to reach my fixated goal fast but I took one step at a time, finding myself a good balance between the future me and my old self. It come about as timely as it was the start of a year and I had so many negative energy inside of me which I needed to expel it.

So one of the changes I’ve made is to hit the gym. I’ve been visiting the gym for treadmills and step-by machines but I have never been able to sweat out the calories or to tone my body. I figured that it wasn’t fun to work with machines and besides, there wasn’t any intrinsic motivation for me to do a 2.4km run. It’s like working hard on the treadmill for days but just to find yourself running on the same spot, not progressing anywhere near your fitness goals.

That explains why I just marge straight into Celebrity Fitness gym and sign on a 1-year membership in bid that money will be that extrinsic motivation for me. But after a couple of weeks of gyming and attending classes, I found that I no longer need to drag my feet up to exercise. It was surprising quite addictive. Thusfar,TRX, floating yoga and body combat were my favourite classes. I love how I was able to work against gravity and hang myself upside down like a bat.My body aches after hour of kicking and doing Yoga poses but I enjoyed the aching sensation in my muscles. To me, it isn’t pain but a sign that my dormant muscles are finally at work again. I also progressively begin to challenge my body resistance with my mind in control. Today, I finally knew what mind over body is all about.
Another lifestyle change is diet. There is every reason why I like to blog about food and hang around in the kitchen. It’s a love-hate relationship for me when it comes to food. Ditching the sugary food almost come as naturally for me after the constant visits to cafes and restaurants for food tasting. I go easy on desserts these days. A warm cup of green tea is all I need as my last course of the meal. With all the exercise, my body begin to focus its energy on repairing worn out muscles and building muscle mass instead of channelling the energy elsewhere. When my body is occupied with something to do, I’ve lesser tendancy to even think of grabbing something to snack just to keep my body occupied with something to do.

Switching processed food to natural food and substituting hi-carb foods with low-carb and hi-fibre food like rolled oats and multi-grain bread is one such change I’ve made. I’m still trying hard to push away canned and packaged food and go for the natural and raw food. But it’s quite challenging given than more than 50% of the food in the supermarket is processed. But I’ve been picking up recently with my new experiments with wholemeal wraps,grains, vegetables and fruits. Look out for my day-to-day healthy recipes that I’ve created.

Spritually, I learnt to stop pinning the blame unto myself for the way things turned out in life and being unhappy with the way my life is right now. Pushing away all negative thoughts to make space for positive thoughts is easier said than done. But I decided that since I’m entitled to a choice, it’s either I choose to frown or smile even as the tough gets its going. You see, very often, people just forgets that after all we have the freedom to feel the way we want to feel and be the person whom we want to be. Just don’t get engulf by negativity. Do the Taichi move and gently push the negative energy away.

So folks, I hope that I could also inspire you to made a lifestyle change. It’s more than just picking new healthy habits but it’s also about renewing your inner soul spiritually. I also hope I could stay committed to fulfil my dreams and goals.I might document the transformation so stay tuned. Life doesn’t starts tomorrow or the day after. It starts today, like now.

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