Media Preview – Spring Celebrations 2013 at Gardens by the Bay

As the part of the media, we get to sit in these cruisers for a short tour.

Even before the lunar new year begins, the whole town is already soaked into the mood of this coming festive season. That’s our Singapore trait – we always ever-ready and ahead of the rest.
It’s no different at Gardens By the Bay where the Spring Celebrations floral display has just been newly installed at the Flower Dome. Admire the beautiful cherry blossoms, peach blossoms and peonies (my favourite!) as you take a stroll in a garden, with a cool and humidified surroundings, enclosed in glass dome. Take a deep fresh breath as you set yourself to enjoy what nature has to offer you for this coming spring festival.
Besides the spring celebration floral display, don’t forget to check out the new scrulptures nestled amidst the horticultural splendour of Gardens by the Bay.
The resting Buddhai laughing and sitting under the Bodhi tree.

Not to be confused with The Buddha, the laughing Buddhai represents a later Buddhist figure who conveys the message that good life is within reach in the present world. This scrulpture, which is situated between the Indian and Chinese Gardens, conveys the history of Buddhism from its beginnings in India and subsequent spread of the religion towards China.” 

Planet by Marc Quinn

Planet, the name of this gigantic “7-month-old baby”, is made out of painted bronze and steel which weighs 7 tonnes.What is really interesting about this sculpture is that the sculpture is pivoted at Plant’s right hand. Yes, that was the only point of contact! It is able to stabilised itself because the centre of gravity acts through that point of contact with the ground – that’s some physics for you.

Did you know that Planet was previously installed at the South Lawn of Chatsworth House in England and the Musée Océanographique de Monaco? It’s now a permanent installation at Gardens by the Bay. Don’t you get it? Our government is signalling for more babies.

” As we walk to the left, as we walk to the right. ” 
” Eh? I’ve never seen this before! Is this something new?” 
Sure indeed. The flower dome attraction at Gardens by the Bay is always refreshing with it’s changing seasonal flower displays. There’s always something new awaits for you right there.

Dear visitors, please do not grab and pluck one for yourself to eat! I saw a couple of missing tangerines with the remaining fruit peel still adhered to the stems. Even the scrulptures in the gardens where not spared. The horse sculpture’s ears was missing. It saddens me to know that these public properties which were installed to beautify our surroundings were damaged. Show some respect to the sculptor’s work or the horticulturist’s work by not manifesting your desires or temptation to ruin their art with your bare hands.

Year of the Snake.
Have you stop in your tracks to just get yourself immerse in nature?
This is purrr-fect for a date for Valentine’s Day ! Sitting at the pavillion and surround yourselves with beautiful flowers.
Right after the tour, I had a get-together LouHei session with the rest of the Marina Bay ambassadors who came. It was something refreshing for me to meet this new crowd who were mostly photographers or avid photography enthusiast. Bloggers tell stories with words and pictures but for photographers, it’s through their moving photographs that will either captivate you or bore you. There’s so much to learn from these people who dedicated their life to document images which could be brought forward to the future.
Dinner at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
Gardens by the Bay
Huat ah!
We are a bunch of messy eaters, mind you!
Doesn’t it resembles like a snake?
May everyone enjoy blissful and joyful year in the year of a snake.

Be merry during this Chinese New Year.

For more information, visit Gardens by the Bay website.

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