Two Blur Guys : Diggin’ into a Burger Frenzy

Just a couple of days ago,I spent a lovely afternoon with Charleen, the food writer for Gninethree, at Two Blur Guys. As you would already have guessed it, Two Blur Guys is this little cosy New York-inspired café located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. It’s just a stone throwaway from Tanjong Pagar MRT, which makes it really convenient for anyone to satisfy their burger crave. Besides the usual fastfood restaurants and other burger joints in Singapore, Two Blur Guys café is another alternative for you burger fanatics out there.

This café opened its doors wide just last year in June.I remembered there were couple of times last year where I was really tempted to check out this café while I was going on food hunt at Duxton Hill area but somehow it just slipped off my mind and I didn’t patronize this café til today. Thanks to Two Blur Guys,Streetdirectory and, Charleen,for extending this invitation to me.It’s been quite some time ever since I’ve eaten a burger, a type of sandwich which has its origins in Hamburg, Germany.But it was eventually made popular in the States. Til today, it’s not uncommon to see Americans sitting in fastfood joints, devouring a burger in one hand and then licking the overflowing mayo off their fingers. I’m talking about the burger-eating experience. 

One buddy. Two Blur Guys. And Three mouth-watering gourmet Burgers.


It’s Burger frenzy time.I’ve never tasted three burgers at one go before.But I’m glad I did because these three burgers are “celebrity-status” items in the menu.

Unveiling the 3 best-selling hamburgers at Two Blur Guys to you.

The Pulled Pork Burger
(SGD 11.50)

A burger with pulled pork sandwiched between wholemeal bread with gruyère cheese and sweet mustard sauce. There are quite generous with the sauce – look at the photo below, it’s like screaming “I’m so moist, juicy and tender!” with the running streaks of yellow mustard. It is tasty for sure and there’s just something really Asian about it – the pulled pork which was marinated with some oriental sauce. For some reasons, it does brings about this homely and nostalgic feel. If you simply love Asian food, you got to summon the waiter/waitress to get you the Pulled Pork burger.

Who says burgers always have to be paired with huge mugs of beers? You can enjoy the medium-sized gourmet burgers with some Latte or Cappuccino. I had Green tea that day but if I were to come back again, I would have order the fruit beer,Timmermans Strawberry. I’ve got the hunch that it would compliment perfectly with the pulled pork burger.
You can do take-aways right here! Just yell your orders over the counter and fresh warm burger would be right up from the kitchen in any minute.
Needed assistance or service from the waiters? You don’t have to wait for long before you get their attention because you are just one arm length away from them. Prompt and immediate service right away! That’s the perks of small cosy café.

May the power of burgers set you free.

Prime Beef Burger
(SGD 12.50)

Next, Charleen and I shared the Prime Beef Burger with gruyère cheese and truffle mayo sauce. Slapped in between the burger is a huge portobello mushroom which added that “extra juicy factor” to it. And guess what? We have no difficulty slicing this burger into half with our table knife.Sharing a burger with friends has never been that easy when the meat patty is soft, tender and easy  to cut apart. So it’s perfectly fine if you choose to consume the burger with just a fork and knife instead of using your hands. 
I say, it’s a female-friendly burger. I wouldn’t want my fingers to get all dirty, especially if I’m going for a date.
Every burger comes with mesclun salad and potato salad as sides.Though some might prefer it with crunchy fries or chips, I say let’s go healthy and stick to boiled potatoes.

Smoked Salmon Avocado Burger
(SGD 9.50)
I see my name written all over this burger. There’s healthy smoked salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. There’s also avocado which is packed with Vitamin E and slices of cut-tomatoes which contains anti-oxidants,Lycopene.Last but not least, the wholemeal burger buns, which has added fibre to it. It spells healthy and appetizing. Since it has all my favourite ingredients in it, I have to categorize this salmon burger under my list of favourite food.
Looking for food that goes easy on your heart ? Skip the beef and pork, try salmon instead.


Lemoncurd Tart
(SGD 4.50)

So tangy and lemony!It’s tad too sweet for me but I enjoyed the sour sensation and the refreshing fruity taste of the curd.With that,we ended off our burger frenzy on a citrusy note.


After gorging one and half burgers down our throats, we had a little casual chat with one of the two owners of Two Blur Guys, Maximilian Tung(or Max), who shared with us his passion for good food and the inspiration behind Two Blur Guys. Conversations with foodpreneurs like Max can be rather inspiring and  uplifting. Without these foodpreneurs who persevered,took risks and work on their dreams, we wouldn’t have been able to taste a wide variety of food coming from various cultures on our little Red Dot.

Thanks to Two Blur Guys, we finally have some neat burgers to devour in town.

(Two Blur Guys is owned by Maximilian Tung and Anthony Koh.)



Orchid Hotel
1 Tras Link #01-13
Singapore 078867

Tel: +65 6636 4183
Nearest MRT – Tanjong Pagar MRT, Exit A

Visit Two Blur Guys website and 
like Two Blur Guys’s Facebook page for more updates and promotions.

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