Vita Green Lingzhi : Mysterious Fungi with Multi-Health Benefits

I’ve been asked out this new health product lately. It has just been launched in Singapore but it has been one of the best-selling Lingzhi products in Hong Kong for 10 years already! 
I don’t know much about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) but I know that Lingzhi, a type of rare mushrooms, which has known for its great healing powers on the body and it is also a precious Chinese   medicinal herbs which promotes longevity. That’s the power of one such mushroom, which benefits our health through many ways.
There are one hundred types of Lingzhi out there but only six of them were chosen to use in TCM for its therapeutic powers. And Vita Green Lingzhi is made up of the 6 different types of colour Lingzhi.

Each colour of Lingzhi serve different functions and benefits :

  • white for lungs 
  • green for liver and eyes 
  • black for brain and kidneys 
  • violet for replenish vital energy 
  • red for joints skin and heart 
  • yellow for spleen and intestines 

Vita Green Lingzhi comes in a form of capsules. Each capsule consisted of 3.78 grams of natural wild Lingzhi only. All you need is able 1 to 2 capsules per day to obtain the health benefits of this wild fungi which was used as medicine in China for more than 2,000 years!
There are 72 capsules in the bottle which will last you for about 2 months if you consume one capsule per day. Since it only contains natural ingredients, it has no reported side effects or contradictions and it is safe to be consumed. Also, it can be eaten at all ages, male or female and can be eaten for a long period of time.

Besides strengthening the immune system and promoting heart circulation, Lingzhi also has several beauty benefits too.It has antioxidant which helps to slow down the signs of aging. It also reduce allergy symptoms, white hair and age spots. Lastly, it helps to promote sleep. Overall, it aids in improving your skin complexion and provides you with extra energy. 

Nature’s the best medicine.

I’ve been sponspored a bottle to try and I will update my personal review on this product after I’ve finish this product.
Retail Price at Guardian :   Introductory offer $109 usual $129 
For more information, visit Vita Green website.

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