Floating Yoga: Releasing the Inner Chimp


Dear Readers, whether this is your first time or upteemth time reading my blog, I just want to express my heartfelt thankfulness and appreciation for the continuous support and time for writing and posting your comments on my blog, Facebook page or Twitter.

Life has been like a race for me as I progress onward like a charging bull with my career. It’s been demanding but fulfilling at the same time. Though I earnestly wish that my schedule was less hectic so that I could spend more time on writing blog posts and shooting music videos for my YouTube Channel. Blogging is still one of my favourite daily activity and no matter how crazy my life turns out, I’m still going to write furiously.

I guess this year 2013 could be a turning point my life where I entered into another realm. Setting fitness goals have been my top priority for this year where I felt the urgent need to strengthen my mind and body through exercise. And one of the physical activities I truly enjoyed is Yoga. All those bending,twisting and knotting-your-stiff-body poses challenges your body and mind to take you one step further than you could ever imagine yourself to be. Yes, the muscles got tensed and ached badly after an hour of deep inhalation and exhalation while staying in the Bakasa pose but trust me, once you have mastered it, your body is going to thank you. Some of my muscle groups remained dominant for the longest time ever and after all those stretches, these muscles,which I thought it never existed, became active once again. In a nutshell, yoga makes me felt alive again. It’s like being reconnected to the earth and in touch with the universe. I wasn’t aware that I love yoga that much til I found myself going for yoga classes on a regular basis even since I signed on the gym membership. It has even got me thinking of becoming a Yoga instructor in the near future.

Hatha Yoga,Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Infrared Hot Yoga… there are so many types of Yoga classes out there. But there’s just one special type called floating yoga which I’ve been hooked on recently. Floating yoga requires you to hold on to a large hammock which comes with stirrups for your feet to rest upon and handles for your hands to grab on firmly.The first floating yoga lesson was quite ‘traumatic’ for me as I never thought that I would have to sit on a hammock and flipped up myself upside down like a bat. But somehow, I found fun in dangling myself on the hammock and trusting the sturdy hammock with all my life that it would lift me off the ground while I hung myself upside down, joining the rest of the yogis in their topsy-turvy world where we all walked with our hands. Doing hand-stands has never been that easy before for someone like myself who has never done it before.

Don’t we all sometimes which we could fly and suspend ourselves in the air? It felt nice going against gravity for once.

I can’t fly but at least, I think I could float and swing myself from side to side as I grabbed onto the hammock for support, like how chimps would hold on tightly to treetop branches.

I can’t wait to wait to be a chimp in my next floating yoga class this Sunday.

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