McDonald’s Free Egg Muffin Giveaway:Looking forward to Breakfast on 18 March?

Have you heard about the National news on MacDonald’s free egg muffin giveaway? Watch this space,    121 MacDonald’s restaurants all across Singapore island will be participating in National Breakfast Day  by giving away 100,000 egg muffins! The egg muffin giveaway will start from 5 am to 10 am on 18 March and only 1,000 egg muffins will be given away free per selected participating stores!

Today, I just received this egg- citing news from MacDonalds when they send a little egg nestled in some hay to my doorstep. Thank you MacDonalds for the lil’ cute smiley eggs! Can’t wait for the breakfast frenzy to begin next Monday!
But be prepared to wait if you are coming in right after 5am. I expect a queue to start forming from 5am  onwards! Start off the day right with an egg muffin which has about 297 calories each. Eggs for protein!

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