NOOK DIY House of Pancakes: Funlicious Pancakes for Lil’ Ones

//A portmanteau word//

Fun and delicious.

For the kids only.

And maybe some, adults.


Weekday nights are the best to chill at the House of Pancakes with not too many diners around.

I was there with my lil’ cousin who can’t part with the American food culture – burgers,fries and pizzas.


It would be a wasted trip if you hadn’t ordered their D.I.Y  Pancake set which costs $25 for single pancake batter mix and 3 toppings of your choice.

I would have ordered dried fruits or nuts which would have turned off any kids so I extend the opportunity to lil’s cousin where he get to pick any toppings which fancy him.

Marshmallow,MnM’s  and more marshmallow. He must be on cloud nine with all the colourful sugar candies.


He couldn’t put his hands off the container of marshmallows, diving for another once he popped one into the mouth.


I was told about the Pancake Mix Art competition held at Nook’s and tried experimenting with the pancake mix which comes straightout from the nozzle as you squeeze the bottle. It was fun squirting pancake mix on the hot pan but the pancakes didn’t taste as nice as the ones which were made in a rounded shape.


” We are going to have Cheeseburger soup!” He stared at me and asked, ” Cheeseburger? In a soup? “

You got that right, kiddo! Your favourite burger has now been blended into a liquid form. Not to worry, it doesn’t taste gross but very savoury! 

” I love this stuff,” he said. 

I went for a sip of it and go, “Wow!Never knew cheese burger could tast this good in liquid form.Yummy but a little too salty foy my tastebuds.”

The Breakfast Bully – This might be too much for a kid to handle.

Tall and scrawny as he may seems, he has a huge appetite for food, especially meat. That night, I just realise that I was seated with a carnivorous kiddo.

Humpty Dumpty – Sat on the wrong wall

Eggs were well poached but the bacon’s a little cold and the consistency of the hollandaise sauce is quite runny. I wish it was thicker and creamier.


Maybe it’s just me. Ordering breakfast items for dinner is not a very good idea afterall.


Left-over burger bits from the Cheeseburger soup. Did they really blend the burger into soup?


There was too much food left so I asked for a doggie bag which their service staff were happy wrapped up the food nicely for you in microwaveable containers.Great service, attitude and smiles from Nook’s there for you.

There’s only one thing left to say after I left Nook’s.My wallet was $77 lighter after cashing the money at your register.So, please lower the price for the pancake mix and I will come again and again for more pancake art therapy!


Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat,
S’pore 598123

Opening Hours : Tuesday – Friday, 12pm-10pm 
Saturday, 10am -10pm Sunday, 10am -7pm

Phone : 6466 1811

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