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Sunshades for Spring 2013: The Sun’s Out!

Weather’s pretty nasty lately and before you start deducing the cause of it and start blaming it on Global warming, why not just simply embrace the pocketful of sunshine with fashion? We are coming to the start of Spring and it’s time to deck out in soft bright hues of pastels and a trendy pair of sunglasses.

Casual Saturdays

Casual Saturdays by Deeniseglitz 

Right here in Singapore, where we are situated somewhat near the equator, we get to enjoy the warmth and light from the sun all year round. Here is one of the best places to flaunt your oversized shades without looking like you’re trying hard to look as cool as a hollywood star. If you are hitting the beach during this time of the year, remember wear a good pair of sunglasses with UV filter lenses to block off the harmful UV rays which might enter your eyes. Overtime, if your eyes are not protected against the sun, eye cateracts will start to form.

I used to purchase those cheap knock-off sunshades from those small accessories shop at Bugis Street, Singapore or at night markets in Vietnam and Thailand. I could simply get a pair of shades for $5 to $10 which really seems like a good deal but in actual fact, they do not really provide any eye protection in filtering the harmful UV rays. Those shades just make us look fashionably good. That’s all.
Well, I guess it’s really time for me to invest in a pair of good quality sunglasses which offers good UV protection to the eyes. However, I find that such sunglasses are usually highly priced at local optical shops. just recently, I’ve been introduced to this online shop called SmartBuyGlasses which offers 150 high-end quality designer glasses from brands like Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade,Versace, Miu Miu,Giorgio Armani to Adidas and Nike, all at discounted prices! SmartBuyGlasses Singapore is actually part of SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group which is one of the world’s leading online designer eyewear retailers with operations in Germany, Italy, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the United States.

I was taken by surprise by their extensive range and collections of branded sunglasses and even spectacles too! You would have probably went dizzy by then with its wide variety of colours, designs and brands to choose from. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to navigate, select and narrow down your choices with the option buttons on the website provided at the side column on the left.So, how do you go picking a suitable pair of sunglasses for yourself? Choosing the right pair of shades is easy – the frame of the shades should match your face shape!

    Narrow down your choices with the filter options provided on the left-hand side of the webpage.
For myself, I had a slightly round-ovalish face with very high temples so I like to go for oversized or cat eye sunglasses to make my face appear a little smaller and narrower. In fact, cat eye sunglasses are in the trend right now because it not only makes a woman appear more sophisticated but also more sexier and feminine at the very same time.

Unleash the Felinity in You

Unleash the Felinity in You by Deeniseglitz 

I was just looking through SmartBuyGlasses’s extensive catalogue of sunglasses and I found just the right chic and classy cat eye-framed sunglasses that is perfect for my face shape. It’s a Ray Ban demi-brown cat eye shades with lens that has a nice brown gradient effect. With it’s sturdy frame, it’s going to rest comfortably on the bridge of my lens without sliding off easily. I’ve already ordered this pair of shades shown below and I can’t wait for the delivery man to send it over!

SmartBuyGlasses offers:
  •  Free Lens Cleaning kit with any purchase of glasses
  •  24-Month Warranty
  •  Guranteed Authencity
  •  International Shipping


What’s really cool at SmartBuyGlasses is that you are able to do a virtual try-on and decide whether or not to buy before making the purchase. Just like any other fashion items or accessories, it’s important to try it on to see if it’s ideal for you.

But you are probably going to spend some time here browsing through all the lovely designers’ sunshades from high fashion labels like Kate Spade which offers really feminine, sophisticated and sleek-looking shades for the trendy. Here’s another pair of shades which I dream of owning one!

Kate Spade Chantal 1N6Y6
Dream no longer, get a pair of shades for UV protection, comfort and style.
You know you deserve it.

Visit SmartBuyGlasses website for more information.

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