TALIKA’s Photobeauty Therapy: When Light isn’t Always Harmful on Our Skin

High-end French skincare beauty brand, Talika, is back with another revolutionary product which will breaks through another new frontier in the beauty industry with its discovery of the Photo-Beauty Enzyme which transforms light energy into skin repairing energy that will help our skin regain youth.

The invitation by Talika to their media launch of the Phototherapy products came about just right as I have been seeking for new beauty products to try and review on. They could be launching this new series of products very soon in Singapore and those of us, who were at the media conference held at Swissotel, The Equinox, were one of the first ones to try it before it’s available in the market.

Interestingly, Talika’s new range of products was inspired by aerospace energy where NASA revealed that light aids in wound healing in astronauts. Under zero-gravity conditions, like in outer space, where light is limited, the wounds in astronauts took a longer time to heal. We have finally come to the day when something unimaginably impossible is now possible. Light, which we humans have taken for granted for the longest time, is possibly the ultimate cosmetic ingredient which can reverse our age.

Talika’s Photo-Beauty Therapy 
Photo-Beauty Anti-aging Series ( in black)
Photo-Beauty Brightening Series ( in white )
Ironically, we were told by dermatologists,skin experts and even magazine beauty writers to stay away from the harmful sun rays which could damage our skin cells and stimulate melanin production which darkens our complexion. But, today, I’ve learnt that light is essential for the repairing of our damaged DNA in our skin cells. As much as we hated sunlight, we need the light to maintain our youth.


69th Floor at Swissotel, The Stamford,Singapore

So, now the question lies in, how do we best maximize the use of light to bring benefits to our skin? I guess Talika has the answer with its new-found isolated enzyme, the Photo-beauty enzyme,which is found in blue microalgae. What this enzyme does is to naturally transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy which helps in repairing damaged DNA.

Understanding the science behind our skin and health could help us to go a long way in maintaining healthy and youthful skin. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acids in a genetic code embedded in our cells.With time and daily exposure to UV light, the DNA chains breaks and this results in the disruption of our genetic code and prevents our genes from functioning the way it should. In addition to that, the damage in our DNA accelerates the signs of ageing in our skin. More wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines that aged your skin.


The photo-beauty enzyme with other anti-aging skincare ingredients in Talika’s photo-beauty range could help to reverse the damage in DNA. According to Talika, these products were clinically tested and it was proven that 48 hours after treatment, 87 % of changes to DNA caused by UV are repaired.

The media press was presented by Sina Deuber, the regional export director for Talika, who shared with us that one of their best-selling product in this range is The Light Essence Cellular Activator.

The Light Essence – Cellular Activator by Talika

Helps brighten the complexion and diminish the intensity of dark spots
Helps regenerate and protect the skin’s DNA
Hydrates the skin with its added ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vegetal glycerin
Relieves discomfort ( with its added rose water)
We were given a bottle of the light essence to try it out and I have been using it since last night as I couldn’t wait to witness the promising effects of this product!


Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Cream


The cream texture is surprisingly very light, aqueous in nature, and not too rich or thick which is good in sense that it does not clog pores and it’s probably suitable for people with sensitive skin. Since the product did not claim it is suitable for a particular skin type, it is best to test out these products or ask for a samples before purchasing the products.


Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening Serum


Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Cream


Done for the day, finally! It was an enriching beauty media press and I couldn’t wait to write my reviews on Talika’s products! It’s one of those beauty products which could kept me excited and delighted!

Talika’s Official Website

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