The Secrets Behind Morrocan Argan Oil

Welcome to the Argan oil fad. It’s such popular skin care ingredient these days that it has been appearing in several hair and skin care products. Why? Because it is believed that this mystical oil does wonders to the skin and hair. Suffering from damaged hair or acne? This oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree found in the arid areas of Morocco, might be the solution to your hair or skin woes. It has been labelled as “liquid gold” by the Moroccans who have been using Argan oil for its restorative and anti-aging properties.

Having said about the benefits of Argan oil, I would like to introduce this product which I have picked off from the shelves at Watson’s while I was doing my toiletries shopping. One of the biggest enticers of this product is it’s promotional price. If I am not wrong, it was six dollars off the usual price. What I steal! I thought. How could I not include this bottle of miracle oil in my beauty stash? That’s SGD14 from my pocket, deposited into the cash register machine for an exchange for Australian-produced,Seven Wonder’s Moroccan Argan oil skin serum. It’s really small by the way with just 20ml of product in it.


I’m embracing the word “natural” in my current lifestyle – living by the nature has been one of my lifestyle goals lately. Knowing that this product contains 98% certified organic Argan oil and all the ingredients used were all natural, I was drawn to this product and place my whole faith on this product. The skin serum did not fall below my expectations as I love how it absorbs so easily into the skin but I’m just a little unsure by the scent of it. Guess how it smells like? With Citronellol and Geranium oil added, it unmistakably smelt very much like a bouquet of roses. I love roses but why musk the scent of the Argan oil with the scent of a rose?

Learning about the secrets behind the “liquid gold”:

  • It contains Vitamins, F,A,C and E. ( Notice how the letters could form the word, ‘Face’? It must be a god-sent product to treat your face.)

  • It has anti-oxidant properties. ( It might work like an eraser just for fine line and wrinkles.)


It’s amazing how this product gets absorbed by the skin very easily and all you need is one drop. What I like to do is to pump a drop of Argan oil onto my palms and rub between my palms to warm it up and then masage it onto my face. I used it as a facial massage oil so as I rub the product into my skin, I give my facial muscles a lift and some contouring. It’s never too late to start massaging your face so as to avoid experiencing saggy skin in your late forties or fifties.
I wonder why are we,women,working hard to reverse the aging process?

Find out more about this product on Seven Wonders website.

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