Water-Based Sunscreens: SunPlay Clear Water Sunblock


A friend of mine recommended me to use The Face Shop’s SPF40 sunscreen in gel-based which worked really well on my skin and I totally love the use of it. The product lasted me for about nine months and about a month ago, it ran out. I could have bought another sunscreen from The Face Shop but being someone who loves to try new stuff every now and then, I chose to purchase another brand of sunscreen.

As I have sensitive skin with enlarged pores, I only used gel-based or water-based sunscreen which is less irritating to my skin. Such sunscreen formulations glides nicely on my skin and it is also readily absorbed into my skin upon application.


I tried this product before and it works pretty well for me. However, I find the formulation too watery and runny. Yes, it light, soothing and does not produce no stickiness on the skin but it’s just way to watery that you might have to squeeze only a small amount on your hand for each application. Squeezing too much of the product out at the back of your hands or palms will result in dripping of the product.
As compared to the other brands of water-based sunscreens, Sunplay’s Clear water stood out from the rest with its added natural moisturizing ingredient, Aloe Vera, which also soothes sunburnt skin. This makes it a perfect before and after-suncare product for any beach-goers.


Product verdict? Toss it or buy it?

Well, this is one of the better water-based sunscreen available in our local drugstores. Unless there’s another competing water-based sunscreen, I would give this a miss.

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