You Can’t Get Out of Your House Without A Sunscreen Like Biore’s UV Watery Essence


When life give you lemons, squeeze them and rub it into your face. It not only helps reduces break-outs but also to soften and lightens the skin.No matter how depressing the situation is, there’s always something good coming out of it.

One bright Sunday morning, before heading for the gym, I received a parcel with Biore’s newly launched UV watery essence sunscreen with a lemon, a glass bowl and a lovely note from the peeps at Biore.

Ever since Biore’s UV water essence sunscreen entered my beauty shelf, I could never bring myself to use other facial sunscreens again, other than The Face Shop sunscreen gel.

For the longest time ever, I’ve been looking for either a gel-base or water-base sunscreen which is not too creamy and thick because I’ve got rather enlarged pores and the last thing I would want is for my pores to get clogged up with sunscreen products. I also needed a sunscreen which is lightweight, moisturizing and can be easily absorbed into the skin within seconds. These days, I only apply moisturizer and sunscreen before I head out. Nothing more and nothing less on my skin because it simply needs to breathe.


Hurray! Now, there’s one amazing product which I could purchase at the local drugstores in Singapore if my sunscreen runs out the next time! Thi multiple award-winning product,Biore’s UV Watery Essence, was first released in Japan and it has been the number one sunscreen in Japan since 2011! Why do the Japanese always get to try out the latest beauty products first? I’m envious.


I read that we adults need at least a minimum of SPF 30 in order to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Basically, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and depending on your skin tone and the amount of time you are out in the sun, you might need sunscreen with either a smaller or bigger SPF number.For those who have fair skin tone, like myself, we need a sunscreen with a higher SPF than those with darker skin. If not, we have to keep reapplying sunscreen every 6 to 8 hours to prevent the harmful UVB rays from penetrating into our skin.

Let’s put this product to the test. I’ve been liking the consistency so far – not too watery and drippy.

This is all I need. Less is more. 
Don’t be too disgusted by the sight of the emulsion in the product because it gets absorbed into the skin really fast. The presence of emulsion is probably due to certain insoluble substances in the product which might remain undissolved in water-based essence. In contrary, this could also means that this water-based product is really lightweight, non-greasy,cool and moisturizing on the skin.
I remembered I was told not to apply sunscreen directly on my face but to squeeze a small amount on the palms and gently pat small amounts of product into the skin. It didn’t take too long before the product rests comfortably on my skin without making my skin sticky or leaving a white overcast on my face.When applied, it also gives this cooling sensation and it felt as if like you are patting water onto your face.
Product verdict? Buy it!
Available in selected supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Pharmacies.
Priced at SGD$18.90
Size of Product available : 50 ml 

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