2B Mask For Face: A Slimming Facial Mask For an Instant Contour Lifting

How we all wish to be a little slimmer,thinner,sexier and more beautiful from head to toe? With a healthy diet and exercise, the body fat around your stomach, thighs and arms will naturally melt away. But as for the baby fats or fats around your face? It is somewhat tricky to get rid of the fats there without losing the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Luckily, there are several ways to remedy this problem. Facial massage, is one of such ways to contour your facial muscles and lift up the muscles against gravity. Another popular way is to use cream or firming essence to firm up the skin and contour the facial muscles at the cheek and chin areas. But if you hadn’t had time for a facial massage or just didn’t know what facial firming products to buy, you could try this foolproof method – wearing a slimming facial mask for 15 minutes. 2B Alternative’s slimming facial mask is the next alternative you could try if all else fails.


2B Alternative is a beauty brand which specializes in creating slimming products for women. About a few weeks ago, I received two boxes of their 2B Instant Mask for Face:Instant Contour lifting from 2B Alternative. Boy was I glad to receive this beauty product which could help me create a sharper and slimmer face, especially at the jaw area. These products just came at the right time when I am seeking for solutions for a sharper and highly defined face.


There are 4 pieces of masks in each box which could probably last you for a month or so.

The ingredients and its wonderful skin benefits were clearly stated at the back of the packaging and it seems like this slimming mask could double up as a moisturizing weekly facial masks. It not only pampers your skin with anti-aging,moisturizing and whitening ingredients, but it also tightens,lifts and contours the skin. That’s like a 2-in-1 facial masks right there.
The mask has a breakthrough 3D patent-design, which composed 2 pairs of hooks, tightly cover every specific facial area from cheek to chin. 

This masks looks slightly different from other facial masks in the market with its unique 3D lock design that triple locks all slimming target point of the face, which activates these key facial points with fully absorption. What really stands out for this mask is the high absorbility and stretchability of the material used in making the mask. Since the mask itself is stretchable, it could easily fit most facial shapes nicely.

While applying the masks into your face, you might also want to pull the mask slightly taut and stretch it a little so that it rest nicely on your face and at the same time,this helps to tighten and firm up the skin. I would usually leave the masks on until much of the essence has been dried up.

After putting on the first masks, my face instantly felt firmer and toner. Not that my face look much slimmer but my skin is definitely more moisturized and supple as compared to the regular facial masks which I’ve been using.

If there’s one thing to pick on, it would be the ear hooks of the masks. The slits at the ear hooks are quite small for someone like myself who had slightly bigger ears. Somehow the ear hooks just didn’t hook on comfortably onto my ears. My bad, maybe I do have monkey ears afterall.

A way to achieve better visible results from 2B for Mask is to use the 2B for Face, an essence which helps to further slim the lower half of the face. Apparently, this product receives quite a number of rave reviews and recommendations from 2B users. In fact, the product also recommends using 2B for Face in conjunction with 2B for Mask. In other words, I’ve yet to witness the true potential of 2B’s products which could produce magical slimming effects. Alright, I’m waiting.

I’m still dreaming of a sharper and more defined face each day.

Hoping 2 B more beautiful each day?  

Try 2B.

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