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These days everyone’s talking about the weather. Or should I say, everyone’s complaining about the extreme and unpleasant weather which most of us are experiencing? Even on our Sunny tropical island where we get to enjoy summer all year round, we are not freed from the climate extremities. A month ago, there was a constant pour from the skies and these couple of weeks, the weather was hot and humid at the same time. It felt like we were trapped in a overheated oven with stale air.

I half wished that it felt like sauna where we could all sweat away the toxins stored in our body or maybe a hot yoga studio where I would happily be engaged in my yoga moves while burning calories. As much as we want our body to sweat to cool down the body, our sweat pores seemed clogged and the sweat couldn’t get evaporated because of the high humidity in our surroundings. Could you imagine being outdoors with skin so clammy and sticky at the same time? It’s unbearable especially for women who can’t live the house without foundation.

Who’s to blame then? Before you mouth the words ‘global warming’, maybe you would want to think about the root cause behind global warming. Wouldn’t that be us? And let’s not debate about whether global warming is an exaggerated false phenomenon or not because we all knows that our Earth isn’t functioning the way it should be last 40 years ago. More actions on promoting environmental sustainability, less talk on trying to educate the masses when nothing is being done. More energy-saving lightbulbs and appliances, less energy-consuming devices which further adds costs to your wallets in a long run.

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The Plight of Our Earth:Are we left with nothing?

The moment my lifestyle changes for the better at the start of this year, with the goal of going green and organic, things which I could have never imagine started to fall in place too. I’ve been approached by Annie J from NRGLab Singapore, a science-driven company based in Singapore which does research and development in alternative-energy technologies for clean, reliable and affordable electrical power. The truth is I’ve been approached by beauty, food and travel-related companies but science-based companies ? This had to be my first. It has also got the scientific genes in me kicking.

I am really honoured to be chosen by NRGLab as one of the local bloggers here to work with them in promoting their energy projects, related to the provision of cheap and clean energy for both industrial and housekeeping needs. It’s exciting for me to know how this company strives in developing new innovative methods to produce energy instead of tapping on oil, coal and gas.

One of their recent energy projects which I find it intriguing is the environmentally friendly generators (SH Boxes) which was developed by the scientists at NRGLab. The SH boxes enables electricity to be produced at a much lower cost! The invention of SH boxes could be revolutionary in this technology-driven age where we seek to produce devices which are both cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Earlier this February, NRG Lab also held a licensing auction at Raffles Hotel for their electric-generator systems. This event had attracted many potential partners and investors who were eager to know about the SH boxes. Below is a video with all the highlights of the event itself.

NRGLab also has several highly-anticipated energy projects coming on its way to our local science and technology industry. In collaboration with NRGLab, I would be sharing and publishing NRGLab’s latest news,projects,events and information updates here at DeeniseGlitz.

For more information, please visit the following links:
NRGLab Company: www.nrglab.asia
The Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors: www.anashell.com
Viscoil Holdings: www.viscoil.com
NRGLab’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/NRGLABSGD

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