American Fast Food Giant, MacDonalds, is Back With Somethin’ Spicier in Singapore: The Summertime Burger

Good evening, Singaporeans! I was invited to attend MacDonald’s topmost secretive food tasting last Sunday along with other bloggers and fans of MacDonalds. It’s been a really long time ever since I visited this American fast food giant in Singapore for a packet of fries with their soft-serve ice-cream or an apple pie. Based on my stringent diet about going green and vegan, I guess the only thing I could order in their menu is a salad or an apple pie. Enough said, since this was a food tasting event, I can’t possibly deprived myself from sampling the new items in their new spicy menu released here, in Singapore. Maybe I could take a bite or two or a little nibble. But with that tempting heap of Mac Fries and burger, I couldn’t resist taking a few more mouthfuls of it. Alright, before you even strike me off as a person with a lack of determination, here’s what I got to proclaim – at least, I didn’t finish the whole packet of fries or burger!
A welcome drink, new lychee MacFizz for everyone at that night’s private event at MacDonalds, Aloccasia apartments. It’s everyone’s favourite that night. Why? Imagine cold tropical lychee soda blended with Sprite on a hot day. Who wouldn’t enjoy this cool beverage?

We were really in for a surprise because none of us knew what MacDonalds was going to serve us.
Spicy Snake burger? Hell no!

Around 7ish, the staff at MacDonalds started giving out packets of shaker fries. It’s not just any shaker fries. It’s fries with their new flavour of seasoning – Citrus Thai. Besides the new seasoning, I was noticed something which was new to me – there’s a photo of a peeled potato on the Mac Fries’ packaging. Indeed, the new packaging signalled something new in its fries. The fries no longer have that oily brown sheen it used to have. Instead, the fries now tasted softer and has a stronger fresh potato cut taste. To me, it tasted more like premium fries where the potato string cuts are now more evenly fried and it’s definitely cooked with less oil and salt now than before.

Another synonym for the ‘Citrus Thai’ would be Tom Yam. That’s right. This sachet of new seasoning simply makes the fries tasted like Tom Yam fries. Sawatdii Kah! Having midnight cravings for a bowl of Tom Yam? Try Citrus Thai Shaker Fries at Macs. Spicy factor? Mild.

A bag of shaker fries, anyone?

Spicy factor? Mild.

 photo IMG_9644_zps84980f0a.jpg

All of us were definitely caught off guard when the two men decked in some kind of chef uniform came up with a little skit for MacDonald’s Spicy Face Off campaign. 

The Spicy Face-off between two chefs, Mr. McSpicy and Mr. Black Pepper. Who would win the battle?
The next spicy item up in their menu is the Double Black Pepper Flamer which has now become my absolute favourite burger in MacDonalds. It’s now just a burger which MacDonald has just introduced. In fact, MacDonalds wanted to see if this new burger creation would outbeat Singapore’s all-time favourite Double MacSpicy burger. Which is spicier?
It’s black.It’s sleek and sexy. 
Introducing Mac’s Summertime burger.
Uh-uh, don’t be mistaken. Just one burger for one person. But that night we had two to sample.
The crumbly-looking bread is so soft and the tandoori-like juicy chicken patty speckled with black pepper spices was a winner. This new burger creation was stuffed with some shredded lettuce and mayonnaise which was just gives the burger a nice fresh and crunchy texture.The chicken patty is not too overly spicy and it just had the right amount of spices to whet anyone’s appetite. To me, there’s something summer-ish about this burger. It’s just perfect to munch on a scorching day with a cup of lychee frizz.
I’m sorry, guys, it’s really hard to describe how juicy and tender the meat is. You just got to head down to Mac’s this coming Thursday, 18 April 2013, to try it for yourself. 
Spicy factor: Medium.
MacDonalds should really include the Black Pepper Flamer as one of their permanent menu items.

“Juicy, tender whole muscle chicken marinated with a feisty combination of black pepper, cumin and other spices is cooked to crispy perfection in black pepper batter.” – Macs
Next, comes Double McSpicy. You guessed it. I’ve not tried Double McSpicy burger before.

Double McSpicy is comparably bigger than the black pepper flamer.

Well, it’s definitely spicier and meatier.

Spicy factor: High

Your senses will be fully awakened by the time you dive in for the third or subsequent bites.

However, the spices used in marinating the chicken is a little too choking for me. It’s flaming hot but I still enjoy the Black Pepper Flamer more. I would say that the Black Pepper Flamer has a more exquisite taste than any other McBurgers, really. It’s almost like restaurant-standard if there were pieces of rocket salads and tomatoes stuffed into it.

 My vote goes to …  Black Pepper Flamer. 
Please stay Black Pepper Flamer.

I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone.

These new menu items will be available in MacDonalds Singapore outlets from 18 April 2013.The Black Pepper Flamer meal is available from $6.30, the Citrus Thai Shaker Fries (a la carte) is available from $2.75 and the Lychee McFizz (a la carte) is available from $2.40. For a limited time only.

What’s new?

McFizz Lychee
Citrus Thai Shaker Fries
Black Pepper Flamer

There’s something really Asian about this menu, isn’t it?


You gotta agree with me that Mr. McSpicy looks very much like Kevjumba and Nat Ho, right?

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